Residency=Work Permit?


I am looking at moving to Fiji from Brisbane, Australia with my wife. She is fijian citizen which should get me visa to reside in Fiji as per information on the gov website.

My question is: if i have right to reside in Fiji, do i still need a work permit to find a job? (or get a job for work permit)

Thanks heaps.


Bula Tim

If your spouse is a Fiji resident,You entitled to work as a fijian permit holder through marriage.Let me check for more info and will revert.Since your spouse is a Fiji citizen you can get personal effects and vehicle under her name duty FREE as long as she is returning residence.

shoot me a phone call or send me your email..i shall revert to it.


thanks a lot for your help. I will private message you my email address.

Information on the gov website is very brief and I emailed Fiji Consulate in Sydney 2 weeks ago but i assume i probably wont get a reply any time soon. typical Fiji time i guess.



Hi I just return from Fiji as I had to wait three years to be able to work unless the employer applies for a work permit for me and I was married to a Fijian Please let me know if you are allow to work and how you got it please



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oh it has been awhile.... still awaiting for response from Fiji Consulate... LOL.
meanwhile in life my wife gave birth to a little Aus/Fijian boy few months ago so looks like i wont be 'expatting' anytime soon. the little boy might want to follow his/Haynes' dream to play for Fiji7 in 20yrs time. :)
best of luck all.

I am going to Fiji next month and want to explore residency there.  How long a process is that?  On the website, it says that if you can prove sufficient income, then it is not a problem.  What is required?  I have $1,370 USD per month in pension from the United States Government - I am a U.S. citizen.

Hello, I see that you posted three years ago...  Not sure if you will see this message, but wanted to ask you about working in Fiji.  I looked online on government site and it did not say anything about 3-year wait...  I am going there next month, and was hoping to apply for residency and work part-time as I have a U.S. pension that will convert into about $2,700 Fijian.  Is that enough to live on?  Thank you, Livia

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