Free rent for house repairs in Radovets

Hi have you ever fancied living the good life, where you are self sufficient and producing fresh veg and fruit from your own ground. We had that dream but due to ill health we are no longer able to carry it out.
Our house is in the village of Radovets and has a garage/barn. The house has 3 rooms and a large entrance hall that could be the kitchen it also has a very large loft that could be used for storage or a workshop or whatever your imagination comes up with. The garden it large and could easily supply year round veg for you.
We are prepared to offer the house rent free for 5 years to anyone who would like to try the life without the commitment of purchasing or building a house. The house is basically sound with a few repairs needed for the roof. However it will need all the windows replaced and a gutter/ raincatching system installed. It also needs rewired and a kitchen/bathroom installed too. We have been in touch with a local builder that I can recommend as friendly and reliable that can show pictures of his work, He has quoted just over £3000 for roof, windows and guttering. A bargain when you compare to UK prices. This is a serious offer as to do nothing with the house is a sin and it would be better to get someone in it to work and live on the land also. So if you would like to do the work required for free rent for 5 years this might be for you.
After the 5 years if its what you want then we could come to some arrangement for you to buy it or rent at peppercorn rates Your choice.
Contact us for more info and pictures.

my husband and i are hoping to move to bulgaria but it would not be until April 2015. My husband is a mechanic and also does construction. We are coming to Bulgaria for a week in november to make sure we are not crazy. Are looking to buy property then but funds are low. We have property up for sale here in Arizona but not sold yet I dont know if this fits in your time frame but if you  have no takers get back to me. I will look up Radovets as i dont know where it is

Sure, there is no hurry and you can check out your options. Radovets is in the sunny south just a handfull  of miles from Turkey and Greece. The village is very rural and quiet but there are some local shops a school bar and Dentist. If you give me your email contact I will post you some pictures of the house.
regards Martin

Dear Landlord,
it is great idea for Me...
I have all for life in Estonia, but think about moving in Bulgaria. I am not sure in right my aim and would like to try to do what like my heart.
I am professional Electrical Engineer with more than 30 Years. Trained and skilled in UK care Assistant. Have small travel business in Tallinn. But what important I have dream to move in Bulgaria in quiet place with earth, because I like growing plants himself.
I have ESOL level E2-3 in English, russian, estonian and understand bulgarian language. Have a car,  B driving licence and ready start to think about Your offer.

Best regards
Aleksandr Ostsepkov


I would suggest you to rent an appartment/house first just to make sure that you like the region, the country etc...


Tere mu sõber, ma loodan, minu email kontakt sain teile, kuid kui see ei te võite saada ühendust meilile txi2u<at> Loodan, et see leiab teid hästi ja teie plaanid tulevad koos.


Will you send pics

pics sent

Hi vandamiam > you might post an advert in the houses for rent in Bulgaria section as well.

ps: please write in only in English in this English speaking forum so that everyone can understand.

Thank you.

Looking for a house, rent or purchase around Radovets, if anybody knows of any?  Thanks!

Hi I have a house in Radovets that we are trying to get someone to take it on. Either sale or let. We were thinking that if you wanted to let it we would give you 5 years rent free inexchange for you doing the place up. It needs a lot done to it but I have a builder going to it in the early December to instal rhone pipes and shutter up the windows for the winter, let me know if you are interested.

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Thanks for the info ill store it for future use.
cheers Martin

God this would be brilliant (if I had 3000 pound spare) haha good luck! :)

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Who ever has proposed 3,000 GBP to repair a roof for you is ripping you off sadly.

My husband worked for an Architects in the UK, and also did the drawings, we have lived in Bulgaria for nearly 8yrs now and roof repair does not cost 3,000 pounds ! lol

We work for a lot lot less.. you must have one very large roof ! lol...

Message me for more information we would be happy to help. :)

They said 3000 pounds for roof and windows... I know depending on how many windows need replacing, just the materials can cost around 2000 lev, making 3000 pound for windows and roof not unheard of (depending on if the roof needs a complete overhaul).

Tell you what to do, ask them to take pictures of the roof and send them to me on msn  we can tell you how much it should cost you to repair your roof and the cost of the windows as well, :)

2,000 leva is only

2,000.00 BGN     =     877.336 GBP
Bulgarian Lev     ↔     British Pound
1 BGN = 0.438668 GBP     1 GBP = 2.27963 BGN

Depending on how many windows and what quality they intend to buy you and depending on the size of the windows and whether they tilt and open both ways or not open, or are tinted so people cant look in during the day, you should ask them these questions.

Convert again
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Mid-market rates: 2016-09-17 14:18 UTC

Yes, so with labor, about 1000 pounds for the windows... leaving the roof and gutters around 2000 pounds, which is less than 5000 lev and a completely reasonable amount for roofing and gutters as far as I have seen around my area.

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