Indian Community @ Rotterdam

Hi Guys,

I have been staying Rotterdam from past 4 months but havn't seen any indian community over here, rather  havn't seen much Indians as well over here.

Do we have any Indian communities in Rotterdam as would really be interested to be a part of it and would love to know new people.

Let me know if any of you guys stay in Rotterdam so as we can catch up sometime.


Hello Nelesh

Here is the list of Indian Expatriates in Rotterdam ;)

This should help.

Kenjee Team

Thanks Kenjee ..

Been through those so hopefully will get a response :)



Still couldn't find an India Community in Rotterdam.

It will be really gr8t and if any of the expats can post across the details in case if they do have any.



We come from India & living at Rotterdam since last 2 weeks, but non of guys in friendship from india,
So looking ahead for friendship to make celebration of coming  diwali festival.
We will make same fun & enjoy in Netherlands also. :top:

Hi Nilesh,
Yes. I also not found any Indian.We will make contact or meet in Rotterdam,(Near Zuidplein).

Vishnu Kharade

Well not from India .. but yes must say hardly noticed any Indians in Rotterdam ... guess most are flocked in Amsterdam / The Hague

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