Hello! I'm Russian and I want to get married to Mauritian. I have read that I need to have marriage visa for that. I didn't find any useful information about Mauritian marriage visa in the Internet. Please somebody help me!
1. How to get this visa?
2. How much time will it take to do this?
3. Which documents do I need for that?
4.What is the duration of staying with this visa
Thank you very much for any help!

Hello nika,  I think you will have to go to the immigration office at Sterling house in port Louis for your visa. But am not sure of the cost and the processing time. They will list out the necessary documents that you will need for this. you can also find more info concerning the documents and the process by visiting the civil status office , same in port Louis. this marriage visa will be written spouse of a Mauritian and I think with it you can stay as long as you want.  wish you all the best.

Thank you!  But the problem is that I'm currently in Russia and can't go to immigration office. I've heard that I can get this visa right in the airport just need to inform that I'm here for marriage and have an invitation letter from my fiance. Do you know something about this?

You will have all the info here: … elines.pdf … gners.aspx

But how to get this marriage visa..?

On the point of arrival there at the airport, you will have to let them know that you have come for marriage and the will give you the marriage visa and stamp it. I think after the marriage you will have to go and convert it to spouse visa till you get your permit. Follow up some comments here from those who have similar experience it will help as well.

Nika_k :

But how to get this marriage visa..?

Upon arrival, you will need to declare to the immigration officers that you are here to get married for them to issue you with a marriage visa, otherwise you will get a tourist visa and this may create some problems.

Thank you very much)

Hi, I know this thread is quite old but I wondered if you ever did get married and what the process was?

I'm planning to marry a Mauritian but it's so hard to find everything I need on the internet there are all different websites saying different things.

Please help

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