thanks , either I should start this process here, or once I arrive there in Brazil?

El Hasan

You can only register in the RNE program once you're here in Brazil.


I'm trying to get a little clarity. In the folder of the link below is the list of requirements from the PF in Rio. The first item, is that the completed form generated by the online form I filled out for my visa on the DPF site?


Album with photo of list

Hi Phil,

Once upon a time the Formulário 154 used to be available online as a downloadable PDF. Then it was removed from their site and they actually gave it out to permanency applicants when they arrived with all the other paperwork. That's what happened when I applied, they had me fill it in right there on the spot.

I'm not even sure if they still use it since Sept. 1, 2014 when everything changed. If they do then you'll be given the 154 when you arrive at the PF, if not then they just go with the printoff of information you enter on their website

James Experts Team

James or anyone who has done the permeant visa process. I'm still trying to figure out somewhere I can print out the two declarations listed in the list I got from the Federal Police in Rio

Required list from Rio PF

I was looking at I was told there was a form I could download for each declaration... But I don't see anything that looks correct. I believe one site is to request a background check but nothing for if I want to declare I have no previous criminal history at all... .or a form to Declare that we not are separated in fact or in law, signed by both of us.

Does anyone have a form? know where I can find one for each?

Hi Phil,

The (fill in the blanks) forms for "Declaração que não se encontra separados" and "Declaração de Não Condenação" are available from the Federal Police. You should attend the delegacy and obtain copies, fill them out and have them notarized at the Cartório. Note:  The Federal Police will only accept "Reconhecimento da Firma por Autenticiade", so don't get them to do the cheaper "Reconhecimento da Firma por Semelhança".

If you wish, send me a Private Message, with your personal e-mail address and I'll send you the declarations as an attachment. Unfortunately our PM system doesn't allow attachments.

James Experts Team

Do you have links? I found this... … Declaracao

Is that the 'Não Condenação' ? But searching I can't find anything for "Declaração que não se encontra separados"

and what do you mean "attend the delegacy"

And I have my Cartorio lined up with signature on file and will do the 'for autenticiade'

Yes, that's the declaration you need.

The other one will be available from the Federal Police. Attend the delegacy, all police stations including the Federal Police, are called delegacies.

James Experts Team

If I remember correct . all I did was fill out and sign the declarations on the spot and the PF officer took it back from me. That was in november of 2014.

Hello Hasan , please give me ur what's app or Skype. I need some help I am coming from Pakistan day after tomorrow. Please reply on,

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Awaise, I have replied your message alreadu in your inbox.

Hi my name is fawad ul haq.i am live in Brasil.i am got married in brasil girl.i have permanency. So I want to send   invitation for my brother.coming soon i do a party for my frined.i want to  my brother with me.but i dont No.what can i do......i lives together.
guys help me

Hi Sir  james...?my name is fawad ul haq.i am live in Brasil.i am got married in brasil girl.i have permanency. So I want to send   invitation for my brother.coming soon i do a party for my frined.i want my with me.but i dont No.what can i do......i lives together.
guys help me

I really don't understand what you want to do. But if your friend is to come and visit with you it is simple depending on what country he is coming from. He will need a passport and possibly a visitors visa.  Some countries do not require a visa to travel to Brazil it depends on which one he will be coming from.

That said IF a visa is required it will be issued by the Brazil embassy in the country he is coming from they will then issue a visa only if they decide to do so. There is no guarantee that Brazil will issue a visa however, because there are certain countries Brazil will not issue them for.  It totally depends on the government of Brazil and which ones they will issue them for and for what purpose.

On the other hand if you plan to have him come here to stay permanently because you have permanency it won't happen.  Permanency is based on certain things, the one you have is based on the family  being that you are married to a Brazilian.  Your friend is not eligible to permanency under your visa or CIE

There are other visas issued one is for people investing and starting a company in Brazil  which requires a large monetary investment and the promise to employ Brazilian workers. This one can be revoked if you don't comply with the requirements.

There is one other way people have come here on a visitors visa and overstayed the visa if you do that you run the risk of being caught and deported. There will be a fine of
R$ 8.23 (the last figure i know of) per day for each day of overstay with a maximum of 100 days fine. This will also be marked in the passport as an overstay and could prevent international travel to other countries. The US for example will deny a visa to a person who has overstayed a visa in another country. Brazil may at some point do this as well in the future they haven't as yet to my knowledge

I hope this answers your questions about Brazil and travel to here.

On what conditions, the government of Brazil deport a person??

sir , i am going to marry wd my brazilian girlfriend soon, i am basically a doctor ,working in uruguay and here too under permanent residence process ,,i want to get brazilian residence too is it possible,,,
other question is that i want to come back after applying for residence it is possible too o i have to wait there untill i get processed o they will watch me if i live there
third one is that what is viper if i apply for viper then can i leave country after applying ,,leaving brazil mean after 2 days as i have job here in uruguay thanks alot
i will be gratefull to get ur expert opinion on this thanks

After you are married to a Brazilian citizen . You can apply for a permanent visa. You can leave  after you apply for up to 90 days. You do have to notify the Federal Police that you are leaving. You will have to be here to get your CIE when it is ready. you can be out of the country for up to 2 years after you get the permanency.

What is the code of tax being submitted for naturalization process? How much does it cost?

You can find this information on the PF website. Also it will tell you what documents that you will need.

thanks sir,,that was very meaning full and comprehensive answer that i was looking ,,doing great job ,,
,ok then i can come back after applying for residence and then i can go there after 90 days  just to pick CIE ,that all i understood ,,

LaDounia :

Hi James,

I just closed my expat account, and reopened one to contact you.

It is with some sadness I must report James won't be able to contact you as he died some while ago.

Ladounia James is no longer with us....he was murdered in Macaé in april....

Hi stevefunk,

I am SHOCKED to know that James is no more. More SAD to know is - he is murdered.
Can i know more details why James was murdered? Who murdered him?

James was like a big brother for the Expats here, in assisting them with information and suggestions.


I am a New Zealand citizen and recently got married to my Brazilian wife in Brazil. The relationship started in 2013 and I have visited each year since, but we have had to do long distance for that time living separately in our respective countries due to financial difficulties. But this year we have finally been living together for about 5 months now in Brazil to build up time for visa requirements (for her to eventually come back to my country in NZ). I would now like to apply for permanent residency in Brazil, so I can stay here with her until we have at least a year living together and then we can apply for permanent residency in my country.

I still have some questions about the process though:

1. Is it critical to have 1 year living together to get the permanent residency visa in Brasil? Or is the Brasilian marriage certificate enough? I have nearly exhausted the time on my 3 month extension of the tourist visa so I don't want to be forced to go back to my country alone for another year and then come back on the tourist visa again to build up another 6 months.

Regarding the current requirements on the website: … -casamento

2. It seems they want authenticated copies of my passport, our marriage certificate and her Brazilian identity card. We have the originals for these that we can bring to the Federal Police, will that suffice? Or why do they want authenticated copies? They can't view the original and don't have a photocopier? Anyway where or how can I get authenticated copies done? The "Cartorio de Notas" perhaps?

3. Regarding the requirement to have a document that I have not been prosecuted or convicted criminally in Brazil or abroad, I have a document from the police in my country to that effect. However does the Brazilian Federal Police need an Apostille Certification for that? E.g. … ion-Index. Do I need to forward that onto the Brazilian embassy in NZ as well to get them to authenticate it? Do I need to have that document translated here in Brazil from English to Portuguese? (I already translated my birth certificate and passport in Brazil as part of the marriage process).

4. Regarding the requirement for a declaration that we are not separated, is this really required if the marriage was only a month ago? If they still require it, where can I download "form 334" so we can sign it?

Sorry for all the questions. Hopefully someone has some answers and can help. Many thanks.

If you are Married to her then there is no 1 year requirement. You are already married and are permitted to stay. I don't understand why you haven't done this already. Go to the DPF and find out what documents you need. Get the copies of the required documents authenticated to bring with you. This is a thing they do in Brazil it provides work for the Catorios and the fees they charge for that part of it. Its part of the Brazilian Bureaucracy thing, there is no getting around that part. When I presented my paperwork they said they needed a document from the federal police from my country Translated and Authenticated, but when I presented the paperwork they didn't take it. The DPF in Manaus  said it wasn't really necessary. But that said visit the local DPF to find out for sure.  Each DPF seems to have different rules  or how they interpret the law.

Don't wait get the process started immediately. It is my understanding they can't deport you while the process is underway. And you can overstay if need be.  That way you can stay past the 6 months on a visitors visa and stay as long as necessary to complete the process.

Ok great, thanks very much for the information John. I've got an appointment at the DPF in a few weeks so there should be time to get it all done before my visitor visa expires mid December.

The declaration that you are not separated would be available with FP and you would have just to sign it. You would have to authenticate your paperwork (including your passport, marriage certificate, RNE, electricity bill, CPF) in cartório. For the time being, they would not ask you to submit your negative criminal certificate issued by your country police.

Well, that all went to custard.

The night before I was researching requirements just to make sure I had everything. Found a video with a few extra bits of information I had missed ( There I learned I needed a complete copy of all the pages in my passport authenticated at the Cartorio de Notas. So in the morning of my appointment with the Policia Federal I was running around getting that sorted. The NZ 10 year passport has 50  pages, mostly blank. That cost R$193!

The video also made the mistake of mentioning you could just sign the declaration that you weren't separated Declaração de Não Separação de Fato ou de Direito in front of the person at the Policia Federal. And in fact when I went there the woman asked me to sign the piece of paper I had printed with my signature and my wife's. She collected all the documents and then we waited 20 mins. Another guy comes out and calls my name. He says everything is incorrect "tudo errada".

The main point was that after marriage my wife's name had changed. She had taken my last name and put it on the end of hers. So the guy wanted all the documents in her new name! Brazilian identity card, the declaration form etc. Unfortunately getting a new identity card from DETRAN is a pain in the ass. Spent the day figuring out how to pay for it and get an appointment. The system does not have many appointments so my wife has to travel way out of town to another suburb on Weds to get it done. Then it will take a week to get printed and delivered. This is not so good as my flight out of Brasil (if everything goes to custard and I can't get permanencia) is on the 11th so there's not much time to get everything done. Now on the site there's no more appointments until January. But I don't think that matters. The good news is that if I do get the documents sorted he said I can come back at any time without an appointment and they will review the documents again.

There is also another document (nowhere to be found on the internet) that is called "Declaração Não Condenação Penal". The guy gave that me as well before I left saying I needed to get that filled out and do the "Reconhecimento da Firma" as well.

Anyway I really wish the Policia Federal website was more explicit about what they require and linked to all the correct forms that are required. What a shambles. Bureaucracy from hell. I understand James is no longer with us sadly, so we can't edit the first post in this thread with more information. Perhaps we should unsticky it, then make a new sticky thread with the first post listing all the correct documents and notes that are required and it can be kept up-to-date. Then any future travellers will have an easier time without having to read pages and pages in this thread.

I will leave my notes here anyway:

- If you got married and you or your wife's name changed after the marriage then all the documents and names and signatures have to be in the new name (Brazilian Identity, Declaração de Não Separação de Fato ou de Direito etc). This may take some time so give yourself 2-3 weeks.

- You need a complete copy of all the pages in your passport authenticated (cópia autenticada) at the Cartorio de Notas. Even if it's 50  pages. It will cost nearly R$200.

- I'm noting that James said earlier: "The Federal Police will only accept "Reconhecimento da Firma por Autenticiade", so don't get them to do the cheaper "Reconhecimento da Firma por Semelhança"." Watch out at the Cartorio de Notas or they will do the cheaper one by default.

- Get the "Declaração de Não Separação de Fato ou de Direito" form from the Federal Police in your area (it's similar to this but has your state mentioned. Complete and sign it with your partner at a "Cartorio de Notas" with "Reconhecer Firmas" (they check the signature and put some stickers on it to say it's legit).

- Get the "Declaração Não Condenação Penal" form from the Federal Police in your area (it's similar to this but has your state mentioned.

- They did not need a copy of my wife's CPF or mine, but it's helpful to have when filling out the Declaração de Não Separação de Fato ou de Direito form.

- I have a running theory that they don't need the police certificate (i.e. lack of criminal history) from my own country or the Apostille, just the "Declaração Não Condenação Penal" form that you fill out yourself. However I got those anyway and translated just in case. Will report back if they don't even need them. My embassy in NZ said they don't even need to authenticate it there.

A simple question.  Can you just go to Las Vegas and get married there.  Then have the documents translated from this marriage?   Doing legal things in Brasil is made for the lawyers to get rich.   have a good day.  John

If anyone has the correct "Declaração de que não se encontram separados de fato ou de direito" for Rio de Janeiro can you please send to me or put on DropBox/Google Drive etc? That will save me a trip to the international airport again. I previously printed one off I found on the internet, but it's for Rio Grande do Sul. I expect this will not be accepted.

Much easier to do this outside of Brazil....did mine in South Africa was siting with the viper two months after the wedding, went to Brazil and had to make two appointments at the PF because one document was missing and that was it.....

I am really sorry to hear that you have having problems with the DPF.  My wife and I  were married in the United  States and the whole process to get all the documents for the DPF took all of 180 days to get sorted. It was mostly because in Brazil they come up with all kind of requirements some not even mentioned on the website. And then there are the ones the clerks in the DPF make up on the fly.

I still think legally you are permitted to stay even if you overstay your visitors visa there is a law in the constitution in Brazil that prohibits them from deporting you in that you are married to a Brazilian.  James was very familiar with that but sadly if he were alive he could advise you on that. This law in the constitution prohibits them from breaking up the family because of circumstances like yours.

It might be wise to consult an attorney here to get the specifics. I know it is an extra cost and I hate to see families broken up because of stupid paperwork and bureaucracy.  I know I had to get an attorney to get mine sorted as they wouldn't honor my marriage document from the US even though the Embassy of Brazil in the US accepted it. You will find that Brazilian bureaucrats make things up as they go along  and it is difficult to get legal things done here because of that. They also like to make you run around and get documents they forgot to mention on your visits to the DPF. I know I made 10 trips back and forth because of this.

As far as the passport goes they only took the copies that had information on them from me. I too had all the pages copied but at the DPF they told me all they needed were the ones with info on them. and that is all the pages they took from me leaving me with a bunch of  notary stamped blank pages that I paid for that they didn't want.

It was frustrating to deal with them as they kept asking for things they forgot to tell me about. Be patient don't get angry with them, because they will make it hard on you if you do. There is a law in Brazil about giving a hard time to  public employees. So grin and bear it I know I did.

I was advised to come with your all blank and filled pages of passport attested from Cartorio.

They require all of the pages so I would comply with that. If they decide that they don't want them at least you were prepared. Also you will find that the requirement from the DRF ae different than the consulate. you need to make sure you comply with the agency you are dealing with.


Dear expats

I have been exploring previous posts which have been very helpful, thank you!

I am English, currently living in São Paulo and I recently got married to a Brazilian in Brazil. I am now going to apply for permanent residence.

I have a police check and birth certificate both issued from England 2 months ago.  They have an apostille obtained from the foreign commonwealth office. Both have been translated by an official translator here in Brazil. I also have my marriage certificate and valid passport.

Getting all the necessary paperwork has been incredibly time consuming and expensive. I'm concerned I have forgotten something. I'm sorry if my questions have already been answered on this forum, however I am seeking some reassurance to what has been so far a long and anxiety provoking experience.

I'm sorry to hear of your ordeal Rtsbib and thank you for the very helpful advice. From your post I'm assuming the following are outstanding:

1. My wife's Brazilian identity with her new name.

2. Reconhecimento da Firma por Autenticiade from my local Cartorio

3. Complete copy of the my passport.

One more thing...
Do I need to make an appointment at the FP?

Many many thanks


We never had an appointment. i have been hearing that some places require one. You should check with your PF office to be sure.

Many thanks Jim, I will risk it!

Make sure you get the all the copies of your passport certified as copies at the cartorio as This was required when i submitted them. I also had to submit a copy of my birth certificate translated as well and have that accompanied with a counselor letter from the US consulate stating the same information on my birth certificate with the seal of the US Embassy on it.  Any copies you give to the DPF make sure they are certified at the cartorio as copies. My permanancia was done in Manaus and it was a nightmare because they kept asking for things they didn't mention before. I made like 10 trips to the DPF in all b/c of this. In Manaus no appointment was needed however in Sao Paulo that could be different

10 trips!
Getting copies from the Cartorio is very good advice, I'm going there first thing tomorrow morning!

Thank you so much John

A bit of Advice. Go to the PF website to be sure that you have everything they require. some things change.

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