Moving to Gibraltar - Seeking jobs - home carer / ambulance driver

hi all my husband and myself are looking into moving to Gibraltar with our kids. we have been looking at jobs on the internet but can't really find anything that would suit us, I am a home carer and have been for 6 years and currently doing an nvq3 in health and social care, my husband is a ambulance driver. Any advice would be great. thanks kerry

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Hi again

I believe an Ambulance driver would come under the Gibraltar Health Authority

Not sure about carers but give a call

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Hi,  I have a mate who is an ambulance driver/emt in Gibraltar. He had to start on the bank, and then applied for a full time position when it came up. As it is with the GHA, and as such a government job he gets a pension etc but has to live close by as they do on call. When he was on the bank he said he worked more then he does full time. It may be worth contacting them with a view to starting on the bank. I have no idea what they pay, but i'm led to believe it is slightly less then the uk, however, i stand to be corrected.

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