driver looking for a job

here with this letter my name Ermawan Tri Gunadi am 42years old, experiences with reference letter, save driving certificate, good speak English need for a job please call on my cell phone 081399997662 thank for your convenience.

Hello ermawan tri gunadi

Welcome to

I suggest you to place an advert in our section Personal driver job opportunities in Jakarta so as to increase your chances to find a driver job.

Kenjee Team

Why not go directly to the bigger foreign businesses in the city that need drivers to ferry the expats around or register on job street or jobsdb?

Hi are you still looking for a job as a driver?

Kim Coolen

Hi Erma,

I send you a PM.


Hello all

Since this thread from Emma is dated back to 2014 and he has not been active since, I am presently closing down this thread.

If you are looking for a driver, please drop your advert in the Personal driver job vacancies in Jakarta

Thank you


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