Football in kuwait

Hi I arrived here in Kuwait yesterday, I am living in mahboula.......after walking around the area to get a feel for the surrounding area. I noticed an astro turf football pitch which can be booked up for football games. Are there any other keen footballers based in mahboula or near who would be up for this???

Alternatively are there any existing up and running football games where you may need an extra player? :)

Very keen to find somewhere for a regular game.

I hope some of you can be of help :)

I haven't played football since my high school, and even then I was mocked at for my skills. However I am so desperate for any physical activity that I would consider reviving my football career if there are more rookies like me so I don't stick out too much. :)
I am also near Mahboula. I think there is already an existing thread with similar topic (and location), hopefully we can gather enough people.

I'm no Alan shearer (Newcastle fan!) but yeah would be nice as a social activity and like you I could do with some exercise out here..........fingers crossed :)

Good day John

I drove past Soap Courts in Abu Halifa (not far from Kuwait Magic round about), using the coastal road from Mahboula to Mangaf, around 8 pm and there appeared to be a football game gong on. I saw some guys kicking around there at nights during Ramadan.  Perhaps you could drop by at night and ask around. There are two small football pitchs at Soap Courts so there should be a regular kick around.


I have just had my first few days at school so will ask around to see if anyone would be interested in having a look down with me.

Thank you ever so much for your help, I know a few places to look now :)

There are a lot of good places in the gulf road

Great! I will love to be a part of this development, I have so much passion for football....I also live in mahboula aswell.
Thank you

Hey , there are several groups for explats to play football, some in facebook , if you dont find them let me know ;)

I don't have a Facebook account. :(
Weird, I know.


Could you please give me contacts for football. I can not find any.

Many thanks

John14916 :

I'm no Alan shearer (Newcastle fan!) but yeah would be nice as a social activity and like you I could do with some exercise out here..........fingers crossed :)

Alan Shearer is a legend. I loved every thing he did. I even enjoyed his penalty kicks.

Me and my colleague are football coaches here in Kuwait, we've just arrived and were also wondering if there was anything in the way of a kickabout?

We'd love to get involved should anything be organised?

Hi, I saw your post john and thought I would let you know to join a group called expat football Kuwait on facebook, we play football every Friday in south surra and this is for mainly expats living here in Kuwait.

hi is this still on:P

Yeah it's still on every Friday 3-5:00pm.
South surra close to d ministry of interior supermarket.

Are you playing this Friday? Any free slots? And can u share more details about location? Thanks

Sure we playing this Friday.
It's Zahra South surra close to d ministry of interior supermarket.....any taxi can bring u straight there.

Ok thank u, will try to make it, cheers

What's the name of the field ?

do you guys want skilled players or anyone can play?

Everyone is welcome.
We just trying to catch some fun via football as we all have passion for the game.

well if you guys are up for it there is a free field in salwa park

where can i play football in kuwait ??

You can check there are the lists of football pitches all over Kuwait

thank you

any good player thr to play in my friend's team

Where and when the matches are being played?

Hi all,
Any latest updates regarding the topic in here....
Me available to join in a team...

Yeah. Count me in if this is happening.

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