Bagpiper wishing to meet other pipers to play once or twice a week

As I mentioned on a previous thread my family is considering a move to Guadalajara. My husband is a bagpiper and was hoping to find other pipers that might be interested in getting together to play perhaps once or twice a week? Any advice?

Not Guadalajara  but might make contact thru them

La Banda de Gaitas del Batallón de San Patricio -

A Blurb from their website
The Pipe Band of San Patricio Battalion is the only pipe band in Mexico. Founded in 1997, the year that marks the 150th anniversary of the heroic deeds of that group of Irish and Scottish soldiers who fought for Mexico during the American War in 1847.
The Mission of the band is to spread the music of bagpipes in our country and honor the memory of the members of the San Patricio Battalion who gave their lives for Mexico. … ricio.html

Hi - Bagpiping intermediate here.   Hope you see the reply even though it's a good 7 months since you posted your inquiry.   Definitely looking for other pipers to practice/socialize with!   Regrettably, there is ZERO piping scene here in GDL and no real opportunity for good instruction, either.  :(

Hello teachentropy,

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