I would like to move to Russia from Canada and need some advice.tnx

My name is Cijey and currently I live in Canada. Im in my early 30s and currently working in the engineering department of Valves and Valves automation. I build, mod, repair, etc all kind of valves for power plants, water filtration, Mines, Hospitals. I really love my Job and my part time musical hobby but thats pretty much the only thing that holding me here now and my mom. Or maybe Im still just too caught up in my past and just can get over it no matter how hard I try and it prevents me from keeping on moving forward in my life, so I decided to make a huge change in my life and start over but this time in Russia. I was born in Leningrad now called Saint Petersburg. My dad that passed away in 2011 was my last relative in Russia. I dont have any relative or peoples I know in Russia and dont know much about this country besides what I see on TV here and my resent research about it. I would really like to move to Russia and I know its going to be a big move in my life and I hope the last one since Im planning to live there. I would like to move to Moscow or St-Petersburg but Im still opened minded about it. I would like to get ready as much as possible and prepare myself as much as I can before making my final move so any advices or opinions will be helpful. Because honestly I dont even know where to start from, my guess is just pack my bags and go but Im sure there is much more to it. So please any advices and opinions will be appreciated. Thankyou.

Hi! You told nothing about what do you want to do in Russia. Whats your targets? Dont trust tv))) I can answer all your questions))

my target is to move there to live, find a place to live and to work and with time open a business etc... and get married to Russian woman ;). at least i have 1 problem solved already, i still remember Russian from child hood and been practicing it with my mom so my Russian is pretty good i think.

you can write me to zl.konst[at] I will try to answer all your questions. Welcome))

Have you given a great deal of  consideration to things like the public healthcare system, education (if you get married I suppose you'd want to have children), public safety, criminal and civil law, taxes, wages, labor laws and unemployment rates, human rights, infrastructure and the reliablity of public utilities, food prices and availability? All of the things that you've grown up taking for granted in Canada?

Just remember that you can't take any of that with you, so if it is not up to our Canadian standards in Russia you're in for a big shock and if you haven't researched these things then you shouldn't complain later on when you have to do without them. I came to Brazil almost 13 years ago and I did all my homework, knew all about this country, even so living without the benefits I'd been used to in Canada still isn't easy by any means.

It's great to have dreams, and it's good to chase after them; but just remember that the kind of change you're thinking of is very serious and it is nothing like moving across town or to another city in Canada. It is something that should never be taken lightly and you should learn as much as you can about the country, the bureaucracy as it relates to expats, the customs and traditions, culture and history as well as the language (which you've got a jump start on already).

Remember one important thing:


I concur with wjwoodward's post. I just wanted to add a few comments.

It is far easier to move to another country if you have contacts set up in advance. But be VERY careful who you trust (AND DON'T TRUST MAIN STREET MEDIA ). All that glitters is not gold. Canadians are one of the most friendly people on the planet. Russians ARE NOT Canadians. There is a vast difference in cultures and mindsets.

I'm an American who first went to Russia in 1999. Talk about culture shock. That was it. I continued to visit  Russia on and off over a five year period and stayed with various families during those times. On one of those trips I met my wife and brought her back to America on a K1 visa. That was 10 years ago. Recently we returned to Russia in February of this year to visit family and friends but I and our son could only stay for 6 months because of the time-limit was about to expire on our multi-entry visa.

I must inform you that with-in 10 years time the country has really in some ways gone down hill. Don't get me wrong so has America. I guess those with experience of doing what you desire to do is you better research well, plan well and have an exit strategy in place if things don't work out.


Please, write the questions, who interesting you & i try to reply you about this.

If you have Skype - it may be fastly & more convenient.

Forget about Russia

I would say it's pretty comfortable to live in Moscow but if you have money to afford private services ( like medicine, education, entertainment and so on) and it's rather hard when you don't ( and almost impossible if you're an expat). I guess this rule can be applied to every expat anywhere.

Hello I am looking to move to Russia but don't know where to start . Would you be able to give me advice.
I am working in the construction trade here as my own boss and do my own work.
I no longer like Canada and am looking to relocate to Russia and need to know where to start

It's a bit a surprise to meet a person who wants to leave Canada for Russia, but it's ok, at least the climate is pretty similar)
What do you want to know?

Hello everyone

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I suggest you to go through the articles from the Living in Russia guide to gather all the information you need. Also feel free to create a new topic on the Russia forum to ask specific questions if you have any.



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