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Kindly someonw who know about the work permit genuiness in cyprus (Larnaca) kindly contact me on my id (vikasonu05) or send his/her contact number so that guidance can be taken

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A work permit is very difficult.
More easy if you are a citizen of the EU.
Then you can stay in Cyprus for 3 months while you look for a job.
If you find a job then you don't need work permit as you will get a 5 year residence permit.
Also jobs are not easy to find>

Dear I have applied work permit from India through Consultant from India infact, but I wanted to get information that whether consultant provides me genuine permit in the company or its a fraud. He will be providing me the e-visa and company contract to verify and after words I have to pay the service charges to him.

Kindly, if any body can help me out for this.


Vikas Bhandari


what are the chances for a south african( black guy) to get employed in northern cyprus

Hi I am a white South African living in Cyprus. I did not need a work permit because I am married to an Italian Citizen. Under EU law the spouse of an EU citizen has equal rights. I also had a job before I came. So I automatically got a 5 year residence permit.
I don't no about Northern Cyprus but in my opinion you have NO CHANCE. (not because of race)
Good luck anyway!!

Be very careful. You cannot pay for a work permit or a job. Sounds like fraud to me.

yes sounds suspicious to me too

But I havnt paid yet, he would give me the visa and agreement of the company fr veryfication then I have to pay the service charges.

The normal process for visas is taken care of by the company who is  going to employ you. If yo have to pay a third party then I would be suspicious of this arrangement.

You might get the visa but you still need the work permit. I have never seen a work permit granted to anyone that is not already in the country. Investigate the company that he is proposing. They may be in partnership with him or don't exist at all. Dubai is full of these sort of scams and this one sounds the same to me.

in both EU countries i have lived in (malta and cyprus) the process for TCN visas and work permits go hand in hand - employer  has to apply for the work permit and the period of the said work permit will only be for the same period of time that job contract is offered... the visa would in all likely hood be the same.... also the visa and worl permit ios only valid for that job and not another one so if you lost that job the visa and work permit would also be revoked....

this all sounds like a scam to me..... there are lots of people offer these sorts of service but invariably it can be done by your self - FOR FREE.

Good afternoon all,

Hi I am british passport holder living in London planning to move to Cyprus .........
I need information as regards to EU treaty rights/Family reunification.

I also need information on EU residency card .

I am planning to start my business of Himalayan salt lamp and I need the work force from Pakistan on work Permit.

All the information or advise are greatly appreciated.

Need the costing if possible please.


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