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Hi all,

I'm hoping some of you would be able to give me some information about the different schools in Gibraltar. I know about first school, middle school and high school, and I know the names of the schools, but thats the only information I can seem to find. Most schools don't have their own websites, which I find a little odd....

The info I'm looking for is things like catchment areas, how to enrol etc. But MOSTLY I'd really like some personal opinions on the schools themselves. Are there any that stand out, good or bad, or are they all pretty much the same. Academically are there any that rate higher than the others? Are your children happy in the school they are in? Have they had any problems? Are English children readily excepted by Gibraltan children? (I know that sounds an odd question to ask but I've read in a few older blogs that they aren't, I'm wondering if that has changed?).

We haven't found a place to live yet, so I'm hoping that I have the luxury of finding the best school for my sons (8yrs and 3yrs) and then finding somewhere to live in that area.

I can't wait to move to Gib next year, but my only worry is that my 8 year will suffer at school, he goes to a great little school at the moment, has a good solid group of friends and is achieving well, I would hate for this to change because we've moved to the wrong place.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Many thanks

Hi natalief19

Secondary education is easy.
All girls go to Westside and all boys to Bayside

The catchment area for the First and Middle schools I don't know,.however a search on there locations might help.

Here is a link to the Department of Education



Thanks Grumpy, I'll check out the website.


Hi Natalie,

We moved here a couple of years ago with children aged 6 & 8. They are now both in middle school but back then one was in first school. The education dept allocated schools that were in opposite directions!! Luckily our oldest boy is quite sensible and after walking a couple of times with his dad was ok to walk by himself. It didn't make sense to us though as there is a first school next to that middle school!

Both my boys had a few teething troubles when they first started school. My youngest is very shy so took a while to make friends. Now his best mate is Gibraltarian :-) My eldest has something like ADHD and he took longer to settle into a quite strict school routine.

Both my boys are now at middle school and are settled and happy :-) My youngest is now more confidant and has made new friends even though most of his old friends have moved on to different schools. 

As far as the reputation of the schools it rather depends on who you are speaking to as to which are better academically. Bishops Fitzgerald (where my children go) apparently is good academically, Sacred Heart has a good sporting reputation, St Anne's I don't know much about, St Joseph's is popular and hard to get places for, probably because the first school and middle school are attached. Loretto is a private school - I have no idea of costs.

Children are very resilient and there are so many positives to living here. I'm sure your children will enjoy living here and taking advantage of the lovely weather and all the activities that an outdoor lifestyle allows.

Good luck!


Thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate it. I can't wait to move, but have been really worried about changing the boys schools and them not settling well.

You've really put my mind at ease.

Many thanks


You're welcome :-)

Hi, Nat!
Now I have your problem.. Next year we will move in Gibraltar, but I have two boys
11 and 6 years old.
They are in very good school in London.
Please, reply
How is about school in Gibraltar?
How is life in Gibraltar?
Life is better?
Thank you so much! 💃

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