Got a offer in lubumbashi is this safe to work there ??

Ohh !!!  Thats the most disheartening part.. about expenses... iam a indian i like to booze so in future i have to quit booze if i want to save money.... what u say ??

:sosad:  it will be tough for me to stay away from my family.. but i have to do for my future sake

Lets see whats on cards for me and my friends


How would you rate lumbu out of 10 ?

Hey nikki msg me when you online.

Hello nikki me again !!

Sorry for bothering you again, howz the internet facilities there ? I mean is it good to use skype and fb dr ??

Awaiting ur reply

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Dear pricsilla,

Iam Apologised.

Maneesh / Nikki,

Can i have your email ids or can you please contact me at hemani14[at] to get some detailed info about lubumbashi.

Maneesh - I am from Pakistan and also have an opportunity there with almost same package.   will be appreciated if you could share your contact details.


Are u in pak or lumbubhashi??

right now i am in Pak.

Good offer

Hello Ramizbhimani,

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Where you from ?


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hi, i have got offer from offers 2800 usd is it ok considering the cost of living  there... food & accomodation is by company.mining


Thats nice.. which company you got hired for ?? I have been there for two years ,Yes its good city to in,And if company paying you that much is good.. company will give you accommodation and servant as well I think ?? and you are in the same mining field ??

let me know for any other query.

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