Looking for a play date for my two boys

Play date for my sons - I have 2 boys, ages 1.5 and 4.5 and am looking for other boys and girls of same age to come and play with them at our home or yours. We have many toys, a trampoline, a pool and live on the beach at Cap Malheureux. Would be great to have responses here or in private message.

Sure that would be fun. My boys r 2 and 3mths. Girls bit old. 7 and 9.
I have tried before to organise a get together with parents with kids same sort of age but no luck, so glad someone is trying to do the same. So pm me and we can organise something. I will bring the cake. Lol

great! the 2 years will be happy to play with my 18 months! whats your name? My name is Debby and i live in cap mah.

Looking forward to it

We have just arrived and have 2 boys 2,5 and 12.

Would be good for them to meet some other children.



Hi girls,
It is so great that someone is organizing play dates. I have 2 boys a 3 years old and 2 years old. We will be arriving in February so would love to meet then.
Any advice with two small kids and moving? We live in London.
So far vaccinations done, nursery place looked into, shipping company organized, home sorted, but deciding whether to buy stuff here or in Mauritius?


par-mili :

hello i am mili. i live at coromandel. i have one son aged 7 and a daughter aged 3. will be happy to meet up !!!

Hello Mili :cheers:

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