Need help to clear some my points

Hello, I am Shaddi  :)
I am planning for study in Finland like in Aalto University (Master in Graphic Designer or UI)
My basic background is UI designer and I have 5 year experience with good portfolio.

I just want to clear my some points. I hope someone help me.

1-    Can I get part time job in my related field like designing? I do not know Finnish thats big problem for me
2-    What transport is best for me like taxi or Metro Train etc...?
3-    What is the minimum expense for a student to survive a whole month with food, transport and accommodation in Helsinki?
4-    What minimum salary rate of an hour or complete month for a student?
5-    Any job searching websites which are most popular in Finland 

Thank you


Definitely not a taxi -- they are very expensive. You can buy a transport pass that is good for all public transport in the area.

for jobs:[101]=101&jq=graphic%20designer

thank you i visited your link :)
do you have knowledge of my others questions ?

Hello Shaddi

You can follow this link to have an approximate of the cost of living in Helsinki : … y=Helsinki

Kenjee Team

thank you :)

When you gonna move to Finland bdw i'm also Graphic design and living in Helsinki,Finland.
I can guide you

I am moving to Helsinki on Monday. I was wondering if you would like to meet me?

Hanna :)

let me when and where :)
Right now I'm Lappeenranta

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hello hanna !

lets have a coffe or beer.. in helsinki !

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