Looking for a place to rent - working for Deloitte

Hello expat!!

My name is Patrick Kozakiewicz.
I have just finished my masters degree in Political Science in Poland and I am moving to Brussels next week to begin working for Deloitte under their European Commission team.
I will be moving with my girlfriend. Thus, we are looking for a nice affordable apartment to rent for at least a year.

Thank you and I hope to meet more of you.

Hello Patrick Kozakiewicz

Welcome to :)

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For your accomodation hunt, I would suggest you to place an advert in our section Housing in Brussels

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The most complete website for rentals is It has an English version. You can call or contact landlords by email to get visit appointments as soon as you arrive.

Websites here, roomsharing websites too … ieres.html

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Deloitte Diegem is just about walking distance from the last stop on 62 tram line EUROCONTROL.

If I were looking for somewhere to live and liked to be near city or even in the city, I'd go for Evere 1140, Schaerbeek 1030 or Woluwe-St-Lambert 1200, considering getting to work by 62 tram and you can change trams at Mesier.

Or the alternative is train to Diegem, trains pass through Schaerbeek, and also the 3 central Brussels stations, so that would give you more areas to look at which have good access to those stations.

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