Hajj 2014 Groups (English)

Can you please share your experience with AL-FARIS HAJJ SERVICE?
Please, advice.

We went with al faris last year and had s great experience! Highly recommended!

Just make sure you book them as soon as the ministry opens the registration on their website because they were fully booked within hours. We live in Riyadh but had to go with their Jeddah group beside they were booked.

Thank you for your reply! Are they English speaking group? Who was their Muallim and how much did they charge? Ok, so I need to book them immediately after the ministry opens the registration if I want to go from Riyadh? I hope you will reply. JazakAllah Khairan.

It's mostly an Arabic group but they do speak English as well. There was a Sheikh in the men's camp, I'm afraid I don't know his name. Yes you need to book as soon as the website opens, there is a lot of load on the website so it might be frustrating! Unless they change things this year... Last year was the first time they made everything online so hopefully this year would be better. I'm not sure about the exact amount but it was SAR 9000-10000 per person without qurbani.

Do they go from Riyadh? May Allah reward you.

Aoa brother

I am planning to go to Hajj this year. Can u share ur experience with Al Faris group how are they ? Any complains ?

Can someone post the Google Maps location of Al Faris Group office in Riyadh. I would highly appreciate that. Jazak Allah Khair

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