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Hello dear friends.
We are a couple from Greece and we are planning to come to DR.
Actually our flight is after 3 days. The thing is that we have only one way ticket and they told us now that if we don´t show a return flight to the immigration office in DR probably we will have a problem.
So, I´m wondering what may happen there and how can we solve any problem that may occure.
Our plan is to stay in DR for quiet some time (and definitely overstay our visas).
If they make us purchase a flight ticket, it has to be done in the airport? Will they let us enter the country?
I´ll be waiting for your reply and Thank you in advance.

Your airline should NOT allow you on the plane without a return ticket. NOT all airlines uphold the rules, but that is a change you take.  They should check for a return ticket when you check in with your airline.  It does not matter what the date is or where you are going.  But you need a ticket out of the country if you do not have residency.

Easiest thing to do, book a refundadable, changeable ticket from  the DR to Miami or Puerto Rico.  Once here you can cancel it or change it as needed.

They started allowing US citizens to enter the DR on a oneway ticket back in 2003. I always fly in and out on oneway tickets. Before, when you needed a RT ticket, the day of my flight in, I'd make a reservation for a return ticket. That always worked. But, gladly, since 2003, I don't need to do that anymore.

Thank you so much for your help!
We contacted the airline and asked them about this return ticket rule. They told us that it is not their matter but we should contact the police of D.R. We tried calling the airport but unsuccesfully...haha...
Through our internet research we couldn´t find any info on this ticket rule thing...even at the official page of the airport or the immigration they don´t talk about it..they just mention that "some" visitors may need extra stuff besides the valid passport and the 30dollars but they don´t mention anything specific.
Since the airline didn´t ask as for any return ticket, is there any possibility that they ask as at the immigration at the airport when we arrive??what is the worst case senario??could we be deported or something like this?or we might just have to purchace a ticket there so they can let us continue our trip???
Thank you so much again for your rapid response!!

Once you are here I have never heard of them asking to see your return ticket.

But MOST airlines will not let you on the plane without a return ticket unless  you have your residency.

Bob K

Same here. I go there all the time, and have never been asked about a return ticket, they just stamp your passport to show what date you arrived, so they can collect the proper fees if you overstay :D I guess you can check thoroughly with your airline company and tell them you will rather just have a ticket going for now and perhaps while there wait to see if you get a better deal on a return or that you are undecided where you will want to go next after DR. They might just buy that story, since it is not everyday that folks buy one way tickets to places where they do not live or plan to live.  The one way ticket issue is more about security protocol, especially after the 9/11 disaster. Terrorism is the real concern, nothing more.

My daughter and I (U.S. Citizens) came on American Airlined from the U.S. to Santiago (STI) with U.S. passports, a cat and one way tickets.  When we checked in we were NOT asked for return tickets and when we arrived in STI we were asked to complete 2 customs forms, purchase a Tourist Visa for $10 US and showed our passports and had them stamped, collected our luggage and went on our way.  We have moved here and plan to get naturalized.  I work at a missionary school and ALL of the missionaries get one way tickets and have never been questioned.  We have a few from Europe but most are from the States.  From what I have been told they are not really enforcing that rule anymore.  Hope this helps

AGAIN let me repeat you take your chances!!!!  IT is the law and until it changes our stand will remain the same - YOU DECIDE IF YOU WANT TO TAKE A CHANCE.

But you have been warned.

Can anyone please help me with my question?  There have been 2 times now when I am checking into my flight (in the US) to go to the DR and have been stopped to provide proof of leaving the country at a future date.  Both times I was flying Spirit. 

When providing proof (as an American citizen) that you are exiting the DR, does it matter if it is a plane ticket BACK to the US, a different country, or could you even have a reservation of a bus ticket or boat ticket out of the country as proof?

Most times when traveling, I am not sure when I plan to return back to the States or hop to a different country.  I go with the flow a lot.  Being able to opt into the most affordable option (probably bus ticket) would help with my finances and freedom.

All they need is to show you have a way to leave this country. Does not matter how or when. Does not matter if you arrive and cancel the ticket. You simply need to show you have a purchased ticket out.

I arrived from italy..2 weeks ago .one way one asked for proof of a return ticket...I arrived in santo domingo

Many who are not sure of their plans will buy a fully refundable ticket and then cancel 48 hours after arriving here.

Bob K

This has been discussed a lot.  If yiu have no residencia or dominican passport the airline MIGHT check and require a return ticket.

Having or not having one is a risk you decide on! By law the airlines are required to make sure you have one. There checking or not checking is a risk they take.

Thank you!  I'll take a look into Bus Tickets to Haiti :)

Not sure you can buy those from there.  Good luck.

Not sure you can buy those from there.  Good luck.

Planner is right.  You need to show an exit ticket when you board your original flight to the DR and I don't think you can buy a bus ticket to Haiti from the US.  You will be better off just buying a fully refundable return plane ticket.

Bob K

I know Caribe Tours travels to and from Haiti.  But I guess I need to take a look and see if I can book in advance.  I'll take a look.  Any other recommendations for the most affordable option?  Otherwise I'll look into a refundable plane flight.

You have to book,  purchase and have a ticket in HAND to do this as proof.

A reservation for a bus is not going to do the trick.  You need an actual ticket.

Bob K

So I too have been looking into the Onward ticket issue, since I plan to be staying for a while.  On a Facebook group Called Digital Nomads they talk about this problem extensively because it's true in Many Countries around the world.  One of the Main Solutions offered there is:  Claims to be Legal it is a Real Ticket and a Real Reservation in your name.  The main service they seem to officer for their $10-20 is automatic Cancelation of the ticket (and the ticket being purchased using their money).  Still doing research but thought I would share.

Sounds like an interesting go round

Bob K

Certainly looks like an interesting service. Well priced and removes all the hassle. Yiu just have to do it a day or so before travel!

If anyone tries it let us know how it worked for you.  It may be something that can be of a benefit to many who travel here.

Bob K

When I flew here from Canada the end of July, I came on a one way ticket, no questions asked.

Not all airlines ask the question.  I know AA asks it a lot. 
Do you not have your residency?  If so then you do not need a return ticket.

Bob K

No residency. Am returning to Canada Feb 2018.

Like I said American Airlines are the worst at this issue

Bob K

Thanks for that Info Bob,  We will most likely be flying American since they are the most cost effective, and easiest for pets.  So if someone doesn't try this out before March, I'll give an update then, since I'm pretty sure this is the route I'll be taking.


Ok keep us posted and good luck

Bob K

I flew from SJU to PUJ on JetBlue, and purchased a ticket from and it worked just fine. The best part was the return ticket was booked on jetblue and they verified it. No issues.

Good to know... thank you

Bob K

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