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Hello my name is Michelle, I was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia 1977 - Unfortunately my birth certificate went missing.  I have been trying various means to try get hold of my birth certificate - the zimbabwean embassy does not reply to me and as it is causing me so many problems.  I cannot even apply for a new passport because I have no birth certificate.  Please is there anybody that could help me - I am looking for someone that would be able to obtain the birth certificate and then please send it to me.  Thank you for any help that you might be able to provide x Namaste'

if you still have contacts or family in zim they might be able to get something for you. try to ring the embassy as well, not always helpful but they might be able to do something without costing you an arm and a leg. i will try and ring someone in zim who helped me in the past, its a while ago but i am not promising anything. got here by mistake i am trying to get info on migrating to Kenya having lived here for the last 15

Hie, yes you can get the copy of the birth certificate. I did that for my friends in the UK a while ago. What is needed is your collect name (as per the original doc.), place of birth, birth entry number if you still remember it. Send your details to my email address and will tell you what to do next.

My name is Kenneth, i saw your request. I live and work in South Africa but i frequently go home. You can send me your details i can help you to get the birth certificate. As long as u had it before.

Hi Michelle,

I'm very curious if you managed to get this right...  I have a couple friends who are struggling to get a "Rhodesian" birth certificate....

It was called Rhodesia at time..


Hi there,

I wondered if anybody would be able to help obtain issuance of a duplicate full birth certificate. Unfortunately the London embassy can't help obtain an original copy of the my birth certificate and suggested to get somebody in Zimbabwe to get it for me. 

I am happy to pay for somebody's time, costs and postage to get birth certificate.


My Mom has been trying to get her birth certificate for 40+ years and no luck. Is there a way you can help or let me know who can. She was born in Broken Hill Rhodesia.



I can help  you. Send me your e-mail address on *** then i tell  you what is required.

Thank you

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Hello Kenneth
How much will this costs?

Hie, regrettably at the moment I am unable to assist due to circumstance beyond my control. However, you can email your details to *** and will revert back to you when I am able to assist.

Please note, I do not work in the birth office but rely on friends to assist so it depends on their willingness to assist

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Hi Kenneth,
I wonder if you could help me obtain my unabridged birth certificate from Zimbabwe?  I am currently in South Africa but can not get off work to get it. I need it like in yesterday already.

This is  Patel Mohammad Aadil Farid stay in lesotho I am an Indian Citizen born in Zimbabwe in 24/08/1990
and unfortunately my birth certificate is lost
So could you please guide me on how to get my Duplicate certificate issued


Are you able to still get an unabridged birth certificate from Zim?
My details are:
Name: Russell John Webb
Birth Date: 01 October 1972
Birth Place: Lady Chancellor Hospital, Harare

Regards, Russell

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Hi I was just wanting to know if you were able to get your document your needed? I am also in need of my unabridged birth certificate. I was born at the same hospital in 1971 and am wanting to know if you did get yours how did you get it done?
Thank you so much.

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