Baby in cairo

hi. since I am about to leave to cairo and have 14months old baby, wanna ask you some questions:
1) is there formula milk, baby cereal, special water to prepare  kids meals and other usuful stuff
2)i`ve been in cairo once and i got  got poisoned, probably from drinking water from the tap. can i be sure that by boiling fruit and vegetables and meat, I will save my baby that horrible experience?
3)do you know any pediatrician that is really good and most of all, how do I get one?
4)what is the vaacination formula in egypt?
5)do they practise periodic testing there?
6)are there any things i should be aware of?


the reliable baby milk here is bebelac it's like similac and it's bebelac 1,2,3 according to baby's age.

boiling  fruit and vegetables and meat ensures you kill any harmful organisms,you can also buy organic fruits and vegetables(no chemicals used in agriculture)form metro market.

we have high quality honey sold in hypermarket and pharmacies you can use it to sweeten food yet be aware of white sugars as chemicals used in it's industry

you can use mineral water and there is sterelized water sold in pharmacies in package of 50ml up to 1 liter

there is vaccination table according to your baby's age and you may commit to it in the nearest mother care center

there is no periodic testing here so you may go every month or so to pediatrician

be sure to use proper sun screen if you and baby exposed to sun.
if the baby had fever or the temperature raised above 37.4 be sure to use antipyretic like paracetamol and consult a doctor immediately

be sure your baby clothes is pure 100% cotton and the best store for it is _organic kids_

thank you very much :) as I am married to egyptian, and dont know the language, could you also tell me if there are meetings of english speaking mothers-foreigners to the city? I am really scared to find myself bored at home with baby, without knowing where to go or what to do while my husband is working, and not speaking any arabic I will just drive myself crazy while sitting at home.or maybe there are some nice playground I could be going to?

it depends where you gonna stay,you may find nearby nursery with english as first language,and you may participate in sports club where you can find other mother also many people here speak english

hi, there is not low sodium water for children,you can try with panna or Evian ;those water are reasonable in sodium.about food and vegetable contamineted i did for my daughter vaccination called Rotavirus that help in case of gastroenteritis.we have here many milk formulas for baby cereals and howsoever

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