how to do a misyar in riyadh

I thought your are looking for someone to marry  :D
it is simple you just need to submit the following papers to Riyadh Cort:
1-Fill up the application for marriage
2-Copy of your and his Iqama.
3-Permession from you sponsor.


very helpful thanks...will u marry me ?

Sorry to say why you are looking for help, as a male he can search and find the solution or ways to get marriage. I mean he is your friend and he must knows the ways while living in the KSA.
Its not a big issue, simple is that
best of luck

I don't get in. What do people mean when they say *misyar marriage*.

Misyar is misyar and marriage is marriage. No relation in-between....oh sorry! except one common thing...

I am surprised, few still dont know about masyar concept in google era :P

Hi   ddm1

the meaning of (misyar) it is the same meaning of normal marriage contract and has same the processing , but the last one has no conditions of housing that should arranged  by the husband and has no big celebration.

for u no problem  to do that here in saudi by the court or ur embassy
for the saudi man he should bass some papers to (imarah) the prince palace in same his city.

but , there r some questions  to be every thing is clear !!

- are you completely  American  (father , mother)?
- is he pure saudi (father , mother)?
- Did you convert to Islam in saudi or out of saudi ?
- are your family  (father , mother) living in saudi right now or abroad ?
- is he single or married ?
- have you got married  before or not ?
- is he living in saudi or out of saudi ?
- how old is he ?
- how long you r working in saudi ?
- what are the purposes for you and for him to get marriage from each other ?

all these questions  'll lead you to know if possibly to get marriage in saudi or not.

I m waiting for your replay to know the result and the processings

good luck for you and all

This thread is over a year old, perhaps you could look into some of the recent threads.

I'm looking for the same thing but i live in Jeddah.

I want to marry Meciar    : قدم المساواة:

lol. bunch of clowns

Assalam o elekum
My name is Waqar and m from Pakistan...currently living in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I am a married guy and have 2 kids..
Can anybody plz give me information about Misyar Nikah in Riyadh..


hmm u need more kids with Misyar?

he doesn't care about the kids, cuze she gonna be feeding them


but u can wink till you blue in the face, women usually wont trade their freedom and their money for nothing. wink away

rareshine :

but u can wink till you blue in the face, women usually wont trade their freedom and their money for nothing. wink away

I forgot how to wink after I got married .......................cant guess how can one wink after getting married once and trying for more ...........u know we should be learning from our mistakes and not committing them again  :dumbom:

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