Make friends in Hamburg

I agree Volksmarching is a great way to meet people, see the countryside and get some fresh air and exercise!! :)

You poor think.  I cannot imagine how you could be alone.


I am Isaac , you can get in touch so we talk.**


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I feel the same too

Hi there, my name is Musa. I am from South Africa and I also recently moved to Hamburg.  I am writing you because me and some friends are hosting an international trivia night next week and we would like to have lots of different kinds of people attend and would be great for networking and meeting new different kinds of people. Th event will be at Alsterbar (CVJM) and the address is An Der A later 40. Thursday 02 June and starts at 8:00pm.

Hallo Lady Barcelona☺️

I agree with you totally. I come from South Africa and have been living here for almost 1 year and ZERO friends😒

My inlaws live in Hamburg (I and hubby in NRW), perhaps we can meet for a "Kaltes Pils" (I enjoy German beer lol) while I am in Hamburg


Exactly, I too feel lonely here and sometimes even cried. Full silence everywhere.

I think enough people have mentioned joining clubs, especially to do any kind of sports that it doesn't need to be repeated. But another factor is that German men are not so macho like in some other cultures. Woman need to find a way to start a conversation and take some initiative to get to know people. Many women resent being "hit on" by guys, so respectful ones might shy away from talking to a stranger. Of course it is best to make it clear that you are just looking to meet new people rather than a romantic involvement if that is your goal. But sitting in cafes getting frustrated that others don't make the first move is obviously a waste of time. If the weather is nice, I would go to a big park, look for a group of young people who look like you might like to have a connection to and simply ask if you can join in with their Frisbee throwing or slacklining or other activity. If you were a senior then this strategy might not be appropriate but for young people it is simple enough.

Wohnst du noch in Hamburg? Ich wohne in der Nähe von Köln...

I am floating in the same boat. I am in Hamburg almost for a year but still struggling to make friends here... coming from India , i used to complain that i don't have much time for me since my friends used to be around all the time and now i so miss them :nothappy:  and have all the time for myself  :D (Not Liking it !!)

I'm also coming from India. Been here just for 7 months but anyways it's pretty tough for me. Yeah and back in India I always had friends. Easy to make friendship back there 😁 . Guess I've to get used to it 😕

I have heard this comment from others, you may need to be more proactive and hopefully receive friendly responses in return.
Good luck!

Hola eyelash,

I am a 27 year single female presently in Hamburg for a short while but will be moving to hamburg permenantly next year. I come from India but have lived in Hamburg, Italy and malaysia before. It would be really nice to meet up over a coffee.

I am very shy and an introvert so it is very difficult for me to meet new people. Let me know if you still in Hamburg.

Hope to hear from you soon :)


Hey Rimmy
I just got to Hamburg yesterday (hours ago really) but i would like to make some friends asap as im only staying here until january.
If you're up for it, we could go out and do sth sometime. Feel free to send me a private msg!:)

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