1 Bedroom apartment wanted for rent in Al Hail South, Muscat

Hi all; I am a US male citizen. Will be teaching English at "MySchool" (Madrasati" in Al Hail South, Muscat. Supposed to start Aug. 15-20. Looking for a 1 bedroom apartment, with kitchen and bath, in Al Hail area (either South or North) or in neighboring Al Khoudh. Also willing to share with other tenants if a villa option, with private bedroom and bath. Anyone knowing of any apartments for rent in the area, or in need of sharing as described above, please let me know at arbenpb[at]aol.com. Thanks for your your understanding and help.


could you please post in the housing section ?


Dear Julien; I DID post same in that section to have no response as yet. My need is sort of urgent an, I believe, not totally irrelevant here. Sorry to have bothered you anyway....

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