Aikido Dojos/Instructors

The dojo is in Fal residential compound, riyadh
You can find it on google map.
Training is sunday, wednesday 9.30 pm
And friday 1.30 pm

Females not allowed
Sensi Dani Bondoq

Moderated by Bhavna last year
Reason : Please recommend in the business directory
We invite you to read the forum code of conduct

I am interested. Would you please send me his phone number. Thanks

The sensei in Fal is Baher
Sensei Dani i do not know him

Hi! May i know the location of aikido class in riyadh?..if you know please send me the location because i want to learn for my self defense

Thank you!

It is in Fal residential compound - riyadh - ksa.
You can find it directly on google map.

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