Syrian BF wants to travel to Philippines

Hello All!

First of all, im maria,27,filipina and i have a syrian bf and he want to travel to the philippines. However, there are some problems:

1. His passport will expire on April 2014, (8months from now) *still valid*
2. How can he renew his passport here in riyadh
3. I checked the website of phil embassy and they require an approval from their embassy for him to travel to phil,(How can he get this if the Syrian embassy in riyadh is closed? *BIG PROBLEM*
4. If we will get married, will that help him to travel to the philippines?
5. Thank you so much.  :)

I really want him to visit my country and my family. I would really appreciate the help especially from Syrian nationals. Thank you so much in advance to those who will reply. God bless.

-- maria--

he can travel to phils  and return before the passport will reach 6 months validity  ,or travel soon and renew passport in manila     ,not sure about the approval part   ,dont think getting married would solve any of those issues.

He should have relatives to help him to have an authority to travel. Marriage may help only if he is allowed to come here in the Philippines but take note, even if both of you are married, he is still a Syrian citizen not a Filipino. Unless he apply for Fil citizenship.

I believe there's a Syrian Embassy in Dubai. He should go there. It is just near from Riyadh.

Hope this helps

How can he apply for filipino citizenship after we get married? Does he have to stay:live in the philippines for long time? Thanks

he has to live here for a while and immerse himself with our fellow FIlipino kabayans :D then he'll apply for citizenship while he is here

I have also now a boyfriend he's in kuwait now working there but he is Syrian he wants to come here to marry me and be permanent Here and if he come here he doesn't want to come back there he just want to stay with me i don't know how we will start

He could apply for a tourist visa first to visit you, if everything works, then have it change to a 13a visa by getting married given that he may have a job or invest in doing business here in the Philippines.

i have boyfriend from palestine but lebanesse passport,we have plan to visit philippines and we are working in Dubai.he can go visit philippines without offloading in immigration in NAIA.

help us

hello. im a filipina, married for syrian nationality and we have two kids, me and my kids stil live here in kuwait but this month of march 27 2018 we go back to philippine for good and my husband now his  in syria becoz the kuwait deported him., now i want him to come in philippine but i dont know how.? pls can you guys help or give me an idea how can i bring him in philippine??? thanks and god bless every one.

For any Country to deport someone they must have a very good reasons for it, so if your Husband is clean and did nothing wrong to Visa he had in Kuwait, then he should be with you there, but he got deported and now you running back to Philippines, makes no sense to me, but whatever good luck

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