Looking for partner to run a small business in KL

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Anyone here is interested to run a small business here in KL. It could be a cafe shop or small restaurant. Or if anyone can share his experience.  What is the minimum budget?

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Hero 55 - what a joke - RM1 million paid up capital required if 100% foreign owned. RM350 000 if you can get a Malaysian to work with you. Nothing "small" permitted for foreigners in Malaysia.

Wont bother giving you a link to a website for more information.

What happened to your oil and gas job.......................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (two different scenarios).

Hi Gravitas
I meant beside my current work.
Yes i know the 1 million which is effective from 2014 for owning a property as far as I know. But really 1st time to hear it for business too. And as you said why not getting a malaysian partner.


Hero - Here is the link to requirements and capital required to set up a business in Malaysia. The change has been subtle, i.e. before it was 2 Directors and RM500k paid up capital as the minumum. Now it is still 2 Directors, but the RM500k is from each Director. So the PUC doubled in essence. There are some prohibited types of business that cannot be owned and run by 100% foreign companies, hence the need to team up with a Malaysian in some cases. There are also franchises, but some of these cost RM850k or more for quite low earnings expectations and a lot of overheads. … oreigners/

Although it is still a little unclear whether the minimum house purchase price for foreigners is lower only for people on MM2H and others must pay RM1m, this list gives some hope of lower property prices in some States:

Minimm foreign purchaser property prices

Minimum RM 1,000,000

Minimum RM 500,000


500,000 (2 Units)




i am a bangladeshi. i went to malaysia once for visit. then i deside if i get good oportunity i will leave my country for malaysia with my family. i want to admitted my daughter in malaysia in a univercity and do business there. invest for rm 50000 to rm100000 how much i can get net profit per month?

how can you help me to do this sort of thing.

waiting for your early reply.


moinul hassan chowdhury.

Depends on the business type and how many partners are involved.

Please also bear in mind that businesses in Malaysian can quite easily make losses because of the high overheads and competition. Ventures close down and disappear extremely regularly.

for 2 director general how much can be earned (net profit) by investing rm 100000.
i am serious about your opinion.

m.h. chowdhury.

I guess you know about the rules that foreigners can open companies either 100% foreign-owned or with a Malaysian partner(s). The paid up capital (i.e. money you have to invest in the company to get it activated) is RM350k if you have a Malaysian partner(s) (RM1m if both directors are foreigners). The investment is needed so you can get an employment pass that allows you to live here. But if your daughter is studying in Malaysia, you can get a dependent social visit pass and live in Malaysia while she is studying. She has to show she has US$5,000 to support herself and pay the study fees.

if daughter studding there with usd 5000/ can both of we i mean me and my wife stay with her randomly together. can i do business there legally?

50 to 100k is chicken feed in Malaysia. eg a McDonalds franchise is 2 million RM. You can't legally come to Malaysia with so little capital to set up a small restaurant. It simply isn't allowed. If it was half of India/Pakistan/China/Bangledesh would be here! with a population of 22 million Malaysia doesn't want mass immigration. If you have 2 million plus you have a chance. Under that no.

No you cant work if you come with your daugther while she is on a student visa. The type of pass in your passport determines the rules that apply to you when you stay in Malaysia. I dont think there is any restriction on owning a company if you lived here, but you would not be able to work in the business and would just be the owner (I have explained the capital you need in an earlier posting). You should make enquiries to get the full details.

my brother
tell me about the investment requried and nature of businessas wll as per month profit.


hi i am intersted wish it s not too late
thats my whats app

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You cannot set up a business with 100,000.00RM.but you still can buy share of 100k .

Interesting comments and good to see that despite difficulties explained clearly by expert members, still Malaysia attracts people for business. Let me put also " only  6 years of my Malaysia experience"  running a business in this region including Malaysia / Singapore and Thailand.

1) Malaysia is not for poor immigrant, no more, Malaysian government has all the rights to protect its own labor market, therefore don't throw your money from window, if it is small

2) it is rightly said, RM 1.0 million if foreigner own a company 100 % share

3) RM 0.5 million , if local is shareholder, ( careful choosing local shareholder, the company secretary must tell you detail , why )

4) No foreigner is allowed to operate small business, Like roadside restaurant , or retail shop, still many people from Bangladesh / Pakistan doing it as illegal work. Particularly Restaurant category have some extra requirements even if you fulfill the capital requirement.
5) Be careful from all those "" too good" investment options in Malaysia, offering lower capital to invest and get  big return, However their are certain sectors and pocket / regions, where Malaysia still have gap for investments and one can get advantages if appropriate capital is invested.

The proposed potential sectors are :
1) Regional establishment for supply chain including China can be applied all over Malaysia and beyond
2) Hospitality, specifically Resort / Hotels in East Cost, Kedah, Certain part of Selangor, and Sarawak
3) Health Care Sector : All over Malaysia
4) Education and Training specifically Industrial training. in Selangor / Penanng / Johor
5) Trade in Commodities, in Selangor / Johor / Penang / East Cost

There is many more sectors and pockets, but one point to be remembered, its not for small investments , what people understand from distance...
Gud Luck and Welcome in Malaysia :)  :thanks:


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Hi I'm saba  I'm science graduate and I have good experience and knowledge for Education and Food business I can run these businesses in much less investment xxx

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Hi everyone,

@ Saba Khaleeq, welcome on board  :)

If you are looking for a business partner, it will be more convenient to drop a "looking for" advert in the Business partners in Malaysia section of the website. You may also check the existing adverts, they might be of interest to you.

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