Job Offer , Is this a Scam ?

check your messages


i know who the agents are in the  uk

I have been contacted by these people and need guidance after reading everything here.......mixed reviews are a complete headache so anyone with genuine information can you let me know please.

if you accept the job, you will be working for a fraudulent entity.. you will put yourself at risk of arrest and even worse physical violence from the victims!!

I'm amazed anyone needs to know any more than these people are using fake company numbers.
That's easily enough information to realise it's dodgy.

Did u take the  job?bcos I've been offered the same job..

Did u take this job?I've been offered the same job..

The OP last posted on this thread two years ago, and hasn't been active in the Forum since then.

When it comes to job related scams, the only advice I would give is to verify the legitimacy of the job offer by calling up the company concerned using a telephone number that wasn't provided by them and asking to speak to the person who contacted you. That means googling the details. And never ever send money and finally don't quit you current job until you are 100% certain that the job offer is legit.

All good advise you are giving here. A job scam refers to a rip off where the job actually doesn't exist, fraudsters are tricking money out of people who have hopes to get a good job overseas, until they find out that there is no such job, and all the payments they did upfront are lost.
The "job" offered here does exist, but its barely worth being called a job, young native English speakers are recruited to work in a so called boiler room, where they call potential investors to "sell" them allegedly super profitable the end they sell nothing but air and all the stories they are getting told are just BS, after some time they find out that its nothing but fraud. No shares are ever traded, the money the victims are sending disappears in dark channels, the guys who do the cold calling are given a lousy commission. Of course these are no registered businesses, everything is fake, the names, the websites, the paperwork.....and thanks to the useless and corrupt police and justice system in Indonesia this can go on forever. Its going on since years already, with police, banks, finance authorities being well aware. Indonesia is a failed state in that regard, a fraudster paradise, and there is good reason to believe that the authorities are not only turning a blind eye but are also getting their share.

Stay Away! This is a total scam.

Did anyone do this by the way the hiring company is halverston marketing group

I have the names of most of the people behind this scam,.. Mainly Canadians and Brits..

Tell me more I have been offered a job with halverston marketing group flying out on the 13th of July don't want to go over and get murdered lol

William or Anthony among them names

No...  try Mathew, Daniel, Paul, David, Mark, Jonathan

you will not get murdered.. but you will be working for a boiler room..  ripping people off, stealing there life savings, destroying their lives

Hi did you go lewis?

Some of the guys and girls who work in the boiler rooms there have been identified.. and are due to get a visit form some ex SAS types!!  it will not be a polite visit!

No boiler room scam

Lewis1985 :

No boiler room scam

Perhaps you could clarify..

Is your post, "No, because it's a scam", or "No scam here"?

My previous searches suggest it is a scam, and a very nasty one at that.
Other than that, has anyone identified any illegal activity in Indonesia?

Edit - Indonesian defamation laws are especially keen so no names, please.
By PM is another story.

This is definitely a boiler room scam!!!  I know all the names of the Manila connections, the names of the Canadians, and the names of the UK fraudsters..
they got kicked out of Manila.. eventually and now moved to the boiler room capital of the world.. Jakarta

It is a scam 100 percent

Can you share and info with us? it would be useful for the victims

Start by reporting them to companies house for using a false registration number, that will move direct to the tax and VAT people who will, if they still have anything in the UK, get them seriously hammered with the possibility of prison time for fraud.

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