"Visit Visa Extensions" can now be done online at

If want to extend for husband or wife could me extended for 9 month others dependent could not be more then 6 Months

Thanx brother for the reply.But is there any reliable source or link to confirm it? Because I don't want to be surprised at the immigration .

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I would like ask a question regarding final exit and iqama application.
My wife will give birth this july and we are going for exit this october. Now do we still need to apply  iqama for our baby even if we will only stay for 3 months more? Or we can exit together with our baby with only her passport?
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How much fees for extension of family visa?

100 sar

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i would like to know how much exactly the visit visa? note. that it's a first time to do that.


My Iqama profession is Labour ( Amil ). I have done MBA finance and my degrees have been attested, now can I change profession from Amil to other if yes which profession is suitable for my qualification.
I want to apply for a permanent family visa with this profession. please suggest me.

The good thing: is you can ofcours change to any based on you certificate "two years study" or above.
The bad thing: is they are considering and submitting the first title you got which is Amil.
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If change which profession is suitable for me with family status... Can I change it to Computer Programmer? I have done MBA in Finance...

Can't I change my profession from Amil?

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I heard any change in profession is no longer allowed. Since last Ramadan.

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You could use visafoto to make 38x46mm Myanmar online visa photo.

border number is border id written in Arabic in ur passport at time of immigration by officer .

border number is border id written in Arabic in ur passport at time of immigration by officer .

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what is the fee for visit visa

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