Employment visa for pregnant women

Can anyone please inform if Oman ministry can provide employment visa to pregnant women irrespective of employment ban.

When an employer hires an employee (male or female) they expect to extract as much of work as possible from the employee and they cannot do so if the employee is pregnant.

Notwithstanding the current ban on employing female expatriates, employers would not hire pregnant employees. This is simply because of the obvious reasons of the ensuing and extended absence from work, paid maternity leave, and other allied work dislocations.

am pregnant and my new company said  that is not an issue , today they sent me the visa approval within one month I will be in Oman at that time am gonna be 4 month .

Hi.. please I would like to know if in oman  they will declare unfit in medical if any female is pregnant ....? And visa won't be issued to work if   someone is pregnant ?

Please reply

Hi ,
Ihave just joined a firm in Muscat last month. Now I’m pregnant , will I get leave for maternity?
Despite that I would work till end of 9 th month. I jus want to know the status to apply leav in muscat

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