bringing musical instruments to the Kingdom, possible?

Hi all
is there anyone who knows if it is actually possible to bring goods like guitars, keyboards, drums, and gear like that in the Kingdom (Ryad)? I'm going there soon and would like to keep my musical activity. I'm not going to play outside the four walls of my flat sited into a small compound, as i know live music is kind of forbidden there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Ritchie, you are welcome to bring any musical instrument into the Kngdom.

Yes, live music is not permitted in public places however you may practise at home, especially if you live in a compound, and also play at gigs within private facilities amongst private groups of people. Most compounds do have weekend gigs with live, DJ or recorded music.

Lets have a party!

Hi Musicman do you know anyone that teachers Guitar that i could contact or any suggestions on how to find one .

hello there! as far as i know you can bring musical inbstruments in the long as you play in the confines of your own home  (or any indoor place) then it's fine..

Jeb, yes there is a guitar teacher available in Riyadh who works as a Financial Analyst for FALCOM.

Please see contact details below:-

Name: Dilshan Punchiwewa,
Email Address:

Mobile: 056 142 4646

Thanks very much M.M  I'll email him cheers .

I'll  teach you if  you haven  your  own guitar,  iff  not  we can get  you one  from here,  there  is  couple  music stores  that have some  nice  guitars here  in Riyadh

I found this blog, last post is long dated but its worth a try, i'm a musician and relocating to Jeddah in KSA, so my question is can i bring my guitar and keyboard for example through the airport? i'm coming on visit visa that the company intended to keep renewing for 3 month until i get the residence visa, so can I bring a few pieces each time i go out and come back again through their airport? or is it easier to send the via Aramex or DHL?

You can bring it as a carry on, no issues at all.

Hello there! i would like to ask anybody  if it is ok that my guitar gear like pedals & cables will be brought here in the kingdom by a friend in his flight back here? is there any problem of bringing it  here since he is not a musician & he has no guitar with him? if it is possible to be brought here, what would be the ways of bringing. hoping for some reactions and advise from you guys, thank you!

Yes he can bring them in. No restrictions. I brought in my drum gear with no issues.

thank you sir

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