Ballet school who need ballet instructor

Hi guys..
Me and my husband was planning to move in jedah this coming sept.for his new project..and im looking for a job as a ballet instructor..but i dont know if there is a ballet school in jedah..please help me..thank you..

Not sure about a school, but I know many people on here have looked for schools. You might even be able to be a "freelance" teacher who travels to some of the compounds to teach a class once a week. If you'd come to my compound I know you would probably have at least 2 students if not more. Especially if you charge a decent price.

There is a demand for Ballet instructors in Riyadh, not sure about Jeddah.

on a side note, got to love how EB members are behaving :D

Thank you..nway it was riyadh not jeddah..sorry for mistake..

Hi! Oh, please let us know if you're starting a ballet school in Riyadh...  My daughter wants to learn ballet... And we can't find any here in Riyadh...

Hey, there are alot of dance schools here in riyadh for your daughter, there are some of them just google them for more info

Al manahil

Good luck :heart:

Hey, do you offer private classes at home?

Actually, there are alot of dance classes here! There is kinetico, spectrum, almanahil...etc. google them for more info x

We are looking for a ballet teacher for our kids club in riyadh plz contact me if still looking

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