How to find a job in Kazakhstan


Are you an expat living in Kazakhstan? Let's share your experience! 

What is the best way to find a job in Kazakhstan?

The Internet? Please tell us which are the most useful / effective websites for job seekers in Kazakhstan.

Recruitment agencies? Have you got their contact?

Newspapers? Which ones?


Thanks in advance for your participation

I am by no means an expert about this, but I can share some ideas that have been helpful to my finding employment and other useful tips.

1. First come to Kazakhstan and stay for several weeks.  You need to first find out if you'd like to live here before you commit to a job and then find out you goofed.

2. Hang out with locals and not just expats.  If you only hang with expats your job opportunities will be limited.

3. Have a current CV with you and some other documents that are necessary for working here:

a) a work visa or business visa

b) your diploma from your last university, it is very common for businesses here to want you to have at least a Master's degree and it's even better if you have a Phd.  This doesn't mean you can't get hired without them it just helps.  You need an original of your diploma not a copy.

c) transcripts from your last university, you may or may not be asked but it helps.

d) letters of reference from former employers, these should be originals on company letterhead and with a signature in ink.

e) marriage license if your current name is different from a former name on any official papers, again an original.

f) current passport valid for at least 6 months beyond your date of departure and current registration.

Then be prepared for the process to drag on and for you to be denied at least once.  The paperwork for anything here takes forever and constantly changes.  Also all your documents will have to be translated into Russian and Kazakh and notarized here.

4. Be willing to volunteer at first so people can see how good you are and then offer you a job.  I have found this to be a very good way to get my foot in the door.

5. Do whatever you must to NOT work illegally, in the end you will regret it.

6. Be prepared for 30% of your wages to go to taxes.

7. Be prepared to only be paid once per month and that is after you have worked one month.

8. Lay the groundwork for being hired on a prior trip, then have the prospective employer send you a letter of invitation and have them do all the paperwork for your return.

9. Be sure that what you have to offer is unique and not taking a job from a local person.  If you are an expert then you have a good chance of being offered work.

10. Remember to get a contract, but also remember most contracts here mean little.

Kazakhstan has opportunities for people with specialized skills who want to help build their emerging economy, but you must always remember you are a guest only so whatever you do be on your best behavior. 

Okay not sure how helpful this is but it's been my experience so far.  Currently I teach business courses and I'm also an expert in the field of tourism.  It took me two trips here before I was offered a job and only after I did volunteer work on my thrid trip.  If you have the dedication and desire it can happen.

Hi lrai

its a nice post, my wife is from Kazakhstan and what chances are there for me to apply for getting a job and moving there.I am willing to work in any field.


I had to do this as a separate post sorry...look for topic Reply to Mozart.  Hope it helps.  LRai

Hello! I have been looking for jobs in Kazakhstan. How and where do I obtain working visa? I just got out the Navy and decided to get married to a female from Kazakhstan. I spent 3 weeks in Almaty and I was really interested in that country. I'm a native Russian language speaker and I'm sure I'm doing good in English as well. Can I get a good job without a degree? I was a cook in the Navy if that is going to help somehow. Also is there any websites where I can put my CV for employers consideration? Thanks a lot!


Right now jobs are hard to come by as the economic crisis is here and everyone is scared.  You will need a work permit but you can't get one without a job.  It's a strange deal but if you get a job offer they will help you to secure your work permit.  Paperwork is difficult but worth doing since it will mean more money later having the right documents. 

Don't know much about other websites for posting a CV but if you can form a good network of friends you can get jobs.  I suggest without a degree that you reconsider living in Almaty as it is very expensive and without a degree you won't be able to earn much.  Sorry to have to tell you bad news. 

If your English is fairly good there are plenty of private tutor students you can find at many of the local school who pay fairly well to learn English.  It is probably your best choice but you'd need to have good English and they prefer native English speakers usually.

You didn't post where you are from originally, but you should consider checking with your embassy for any job openings that they may know of, also there is a site called Almaty News that has some postings.  I don't have the link sorry. 

Hope some of that can help, my suggestion however is to be creative and don't limit yourself on what job to take.  Best of luck, L

Hello Irai! I'm sorry, I didn't put my location. I'm from South Carolina. I'm here in states for 8 years. I got out the Navy and got in to the habbit to travel a lot. I figured since I'm native Russian speaker and English is not an obstacle for me I would get lucky to get hired in Almaty. Thanks for suggestions I'll take them for consideration! I did check at us embassy in kazakhstan for any openings however there is not that many. I've met one guy once and he have told me that he worked for KBR in Kazakhstan making killa money and have no experience in local languages. I have tried to contact KBR agency no luck, so I figured that my best bet would be to come here and listen to those who actually have experience living in this particular country. Thanks again!

good luck and not sure what KBR is but things and businesses here change quickly...wish you all the best.


My husband is looking for a job in KZ now. He is from the USA and I am a KZ citizen. Currently he is studing in the college to get his diploma but in May 2010 he would like to come for a visit and probably work as a teacher of English.

Will you please give me any advise how to apply for a job of a teacher in KZ?

Thank you!

Hi - I am an English teacher, soon to relocate to Atyrau with my husband and wondered if there would be any one needing English coaching.   I am also keen to work on a voluntary basis to help the community wherever it is needed.   Any advice would be most welcome.

KBR-Kellogg, Brown & Root, O&G services company...

And it is also best to have someone on the "inside"
of a company to walk your resume through, if not you
do not have that insider you are wasting your time...

Hello everybody,I am Chinese and i am currently living in astana,i am looking for a teaching job,i am native Chinese speaker,and i speak kazakh as well as english,if anybody needs Chinese teacher could send me a message to my hotmail adress:staryelang[at]

Thanks,and i would like to make friends whoever intrested in making friends with me.


My name is Yelena. I am looking for a job in Astana. I am originally from Kz, however, I lived in the USA for many years. Any suggestions?

Hello everyone I'm looking for a teacher for my english school, which is located in Astana. Any suggestions plz send me e-mail: darhan23[at]

Hi Darkhan,

Welcome to!

You could post an advert in the Kazakhstan classifieds > job section.

any legel form that process work permit and independent visa?

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i am looking for a job in kazakhstan,since i am mechanical engineering with 6 years of Abroad experience in OIL&GAS, in both offshore and onshore plants, of which 2 years spent working in Kazakhstan,atyrau for AGIé KCO
You can contact me or via email (salvoiozzi[at] or to my mobile number
+39 339 69 26 296

waiting for your job offers
Yjanks & Regards
salvatore Iozzi

Hello Salvatore lozzi -> You should post an advert in the Jobs in Kazakhstan section. It could help. :)

Thank you,

hi, i´m a Venezuelan lawyer, i have read a lot about Almaty and i´m sharing a relationship with a Kz lady, she´s from Almaty and i´m getting interested in taking our relationship to the next level, right now we are in Us, but soon i´ll come back to Venezuela to arrange my papers, and i want to know if it would be difficult for me to find a job in Almaty, thanks in advance...

Hi ummbrox87 and welcome to!

Maybe you could tell us what type of job you are looking for?

Thank you,

Hi Christine, i know it´s impossible to work as a lawyer, which is my professional area, but maybe as an English or Spanish teacher, to be honest i just want to know if i´ll be able to find a job there, because i only speak these two languages and my couple told me that right now it´s almost impossible to find a job there if i don't know how to speak Russian. Thanks again...

I am a result oriented professional with extensive with extensive domain experience entailing 21 Years in the field of Materials –Project procurement-Stores-Inventory -Supply Chain-Logistics and Operations. 

I served on the prestigious Oil and Gas project “Deepwater KGD-6” at a water depth of 8,000 ft (2,483 m),
Past 7 years working at Reliance Industries Ltd (E &P) (Operator), a Joint Venture between “Reliance- British Petroleum- Nikko” as Dy Manager Materials- Supply Base (Exploration). After the commencement of the project now past one year responsible as Warehouse Manager- O&M Plant operation (Gadimoga). In addition I served for 11 years as an expatriate in Bangkok, Thailand. 

I have handled a wide gamut of functions, which will surely benefit your esteemed organization. I understand that working for your organization requires a candidate who is team oriented and is able to deal with people in various departments. Recognized as a technocrat in Material Management and Procurement and possess proficiency in using SAP as a powerful managerial tool to achieve desired results.
I would welcome the opportunity to meet, discuss and explore the possibility of the same.
Uday Joshi

Hello Uday Joshi.

You should post an advert in the Jobs in Kazakhstan section. :)

Thank you,

▪  More than 18 years experience in Construction (Project) in Gulf
    4 yrs experience in Construction (Project) in India
    Having experience in Oil & Gas, Fertilizer & Power plans
    Fully conversant with MS Office.


Are you looking for work or just letting us know what your field of expertise is ?

A bit more information please.

We are looking for english speaking Workers that want to work here in Kazakhstan.
PS : Before applying you must have a valid passport. my mail ID mus-aysel86[at]

Hi Aysel Musa > Can you please post your advert with more details on the Kazakhstan jobs section? Thank you

Hi every one,

I am a supply chain professional,currently living and working in Melbourne Australia.I am very fluent in English and have over 4 years experience in procurement,logistics,sales and supply chain management.

I intend to relocate to Kazakhstan if i find a competitive job.I have a positive attitude to work and result driven.

I look forward for opportunities to discuss and meet an interested employer

Thank you


Hi everyone...

I am Italian citizen, right now I work as deputy HOD in International hospital. I want to move to Almaty... I have no idea, if there have any job same or higher position for me? I am also thinking to open some business there... Do anyone of you have experience in that? How is going?

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