Any foreigners in Lishui or somewhere close?

Hi! My name is Aga. I'm from Poland. I've been working for 2 years as an English teacher in Lishui. Anyone in here? Or somewhere close: Longquan, Qingtian, Suichang, Yunhe, Jingning etc... ? Very few people here can speak English and I'm dying to talk to anyone.

Hi Aga,nice to know your here,I want to be your friends but i'm far away from you, :(  we can't talk face to face.  :P
But still i wish we could become friends,when i was in college,also i have english teacher from abroad,they are really very warm-hearted,i think you are the same in your students' eyes.  :D

Have a nice day!


Hi Aga,
   My name is Janice and I just moved to Lishui. I will be teaching here until the end of June.  I would like to meet new people in this area too.   Do you like coffee? I know a Starbucks just opened at the new mall.

send messego to prv

I hope we can meet. There r so few foreigners in here that it's so great whenever someone new comes  :D

Hey so I am moving to Lishui in a couple of weeks! Find any other expats there?

Hi, still some foreigners here?

I'm rarely on the forum, but I'm still in Lishui =o) You?

Still here! I know a few other expats in the area as well. But unfortunately I am outside the city, I am in Songyang county

Hi, I live in Wenzhou, but I often go to Lishui.
I give you my WeChat and tell you when I come here

Hi Aga. I'm Charles and I'm working with a high school in Lishui, trying to find a qualified foreign teacher. I wonder if you are interested in a new job? 170,000 to 200,000 RMB per year with accomodation and free meals.

If you are interested, pls let me know.

My email: xxx

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Hi Charles,

I am a Canadian English Teacher.  I've been teaching in Sichuan Province since Sept 2011.  I am interested to apply for the teaching position in Lishui.  I am sending you an email for you to determine if I'm good enough for the position.

Dan Osores Oville

Would anyone be interested in doing an expat meet up? Lishui is developing a bit more, plus more foreign teachers are coming. It might be a good way to network.

hurrah for meet up. Just after the holidays  :D

Hi everybody, I'm gonna be living in Lishui for a year,coming in a month. Anyone want to introduce me to locals and expats? Thanks.

Hi Bruno!
Welcome to Lishui! :) I can show you around if you'd like. I'll be back in Lishui at the beginning of October.

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