How to find a job in Brunei

R.Keerthana :

Please help to find job in Brunei to get set my career.


What type of job
What qualifications do you have
How much experience do you have.
People will need all this formation before they may be able to help you.

You should also go online and search for jobs yourself.

Hello everyone! I am heading soon to Brunei with a visit visa, l will try to find a job or a small business opportunity there.

last nine years I used to work in the building maintenance sector as maintenance foreman in the U S Embassy Dhaka.

I am an expert of facility maintenance such as day to day operation, Routine and Preventive maintenance. Beside that I also have experience in SHE.

If anyone have suggestion or direction/News let me know please at mnisohag[at]

Regards: Najmul

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I have almost 18 years of experience in onshore oil & gas industries especially in the field of Joint Integrity Management solutions. In detail...controlled bolting techniques, insitu machining such as pipe cutting / beveling, flange facing, hot tapping and high pressure water jetting. Appreciate advising by return the possibility of getting a job in Brunai relevant to ky experience.
best regards

Hi there,,,, I'm here looking for civil engineering who interested to work in brunei .....

i would like to know , how to find a job at Brunei

zainul aman :

i would like to know , how to find a job at Brunei

Read through the many posts in the Brunei section of the forum for information.
Start doing some online research yourself.

I applied for a job at a company that you lead with the position as :
Engineer  Satellite Communication & Vsat System
I have a passport permit   

Responsibilitie :
Running and ensure all network running normally and berqualitas according to the standard at all times continuously

Accomplishments :
Able to work in critical condition in the employment problem in the office or on location.
Able to lead sub-department
Able to run bisnnis companies with controlling quality of project work in a sustainable manner
Able to make planning work on a regular basis
Able to develop a low cost project finance
Able to work well in the office or on location
Able to solve the problem in coordination with subordinates and superiors

Able to communicate and relate to relationships other companies that cooperate with our company, to prepare a work plan, solve problems and to achieve quality of the product

Skill :
Expert Satellite system (Palapa C, Garuda, Apstar, Agila):
Monitoring, Frequency, link budget, RF devices, HUB

Expert System Vsat:
Operate, repair, maintenance, Installation, relokasian and Dismantle

Expert system for GSM BTS comunication:
Installation, maintenance, relocation and Dismantle

Additional Information :
Training Telelecom Batam Indonesia
Training ASSI ( assosiasi Satellite of Indonesia )
Training Satellite Communication by Clous Johansen ( consultan satellite of inmarsat )

Self/high motivated
Enjoy a Challenge

M. Tahir,
Mobile phone : +6281297588716
Email : mars_habibie[at] / agilla555[at]

Hello M.Tahir and welcome to

Please post your resume in the appropriate section of the site : Jobs in Brunei section.

Placing it here on the forum will not help much.

Kenjee Team

I wish to be in brunei personal driver or any job I prefer.

kenjee :

Please post your resume in the appropriate section of the site : Jobs in Brunei section.

Placing it here on the forum will not help much.

Kenjee Team

@ sarith123 > I think this is your answer ;)

Shaazia Team

im looking for nurses job in brunei.. recently im working in riyadh saudi, as a pediatric oncology nurse. but i had experience also in pediatric medical and surgical. also in medical surgical adult.i have 12 year experience in nursing.
if u have any info regarding nurses vacancy there, please let me know. because im planning to exit on july and if there is any vacany i prefer to work in bbrunei.


I am a professor in Management studies. I have a passion to work for brunei. pl. tell me the channel or the way to do so.


I am living in Pakistan and working in Police Force and want to have job   in Brunei in secutity department or any where

Hello everyone,

For any job search, I would advise you to drop your CV in the Jobs section- Jobs in Brunei so that employers can contact you.

Best of luck.. :top:


Looking to learn from your expert advice I want job in brunie methanol corpany as production manager / cjemical engineer
Help me out if you can [Moderated by EB Team: For security reasons please do not give over personal contact infos on the forum ]

shashi bhushan tiwari :

Looking to learn from your expert advice I want job in brunie methanol corpany as production manager / cjemical engineer
Help me out if you can .
[Moderated by EB Team: For security reasons please do not give over personal contact infos on the forum ]

I suggest that you post your CV in the jobs section of the forum where it will get better coverage.
Perhaps undertake a Google search for jobs like yours.

I am A dynamic Rig manager at Schlumberger with 13 years of rich experience of rig units and manages rig related operation. Looking for superintendent position where I can involve my skills in drilling, Plans, analyzes, and performs all onsite project services including personnel resources, equipment.  Also monitoring activities during critical operations and maintains site access control as required by the project, Ensures quality of project equipment and personnel by conducting ongoing inspections.

Hello everyone,

I remind you that this post has for subject : :


Are you an expat living in Brunei? Let's share your experience! 

What is the best way to find a job in Brunei?

The Internet? Please tell us which are the most useful / effective websites for job seekers in Brunei.

Recruitment agencies? Have you got their contact?

Newspapers? Which ones?


Thanks in advance for your participation

You should only discuss on that  :top:

For job hunts, please go through the Jobs in Brunei section of the website, where you can even create your cv.

Bhavna  :)

Hi my name Muhammad Ahsan i am 24 year old i from Pakistan butt live in Malaysia i am working here in Malaysia petronas petrolpum cashier i like brunie country i can speak English and Malay i stay in Malaysia 4 years so i want job there brunie pls give me job any i can do

I am Indonesian, having 12 years work experiences at construction oil & gas project at Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia (piping, steel structure and Storage Tank). I am looking for expatriate job at Brunei related to my job skill, would any body (who know how to get job at brunei) assist me how to get job at Brunei, please? i am interesting to drop my CV but i can not find in what link web address should i clicked.

Thank you,
Bambang S

My name is Maggie, Malaysian from Munching, Sarawak. I have 10 years experience in Beauty Line. I would like to apply a job in Brunei as a beautician.
My email is *************** or we chat @ Maggie Tan Or ************


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the internet

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My name is muhammad ali imroni i come from indonesia, i really interest to work in one of hotels in brunei as a housekeeper , i have excellent experience in this department,
And now i work in marriott doha hotel QATAR.


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Hi dear... click here to search the job ... in Brunei good luck … 0000&src=4

hi im looking a job in brunei,i have expereince with in 13 years restaurant as 2cnd asst,1st asst until store manager in jeddah saudi arabia.hoping i can find here.thanks

internet is the easy way to find the job. :one

hi i am mahaboob shariff.i have worked in saudi arabia as foreman in building construction in riyadh arabian industries co.and pipe laying in makkah.with abu al nain company.ia looking for job please help me .thanks

Are they accepting Sri Lankan unskilled in Brunei?

I need job becoz i am belongs to very poor family i am Muslim i have lot of responsibility of my family.

Hello Sameerkasim :cheers:

To have better feedback to your job hunt, please create your cv in our Jobs offers in Brunei section of the site


Which kind of jab?
I have more experience in courier industry i am
Ex employee of DHL Express
Thanks & regards
Sameer Mohammed.

Hello Sameer Mohammed

You could also ask for professional help to find a job in Brunei :

> Recruitment Agencies in Brunei


Try to find Courier industry job

Are you find job or still trying to move Brunei

Hi , Yesterday I called my friend and asked about job opportunity in Brunei

He simply answered NO JOB HERE

why ? is it too difficult ?  due to what reasons ?

Very small nation in the globe ?

I am a pharmacist, with degree in pharmacy having 8 years working experience in

the pharmacy.

Looking for a position in the pharmacy or in the hospital

But very hard to get any kind of information on my profession here in the Brunei

Any one pharmacist can help me

and advise me please

Who can help me to find job in brunei am tunisian girl 27 year old i can work as arabic teacher

I look forward job in Brunei

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