Registering Residency and Carta d'Identita

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I submitted my paperwork to register residency in Florence, but I have no idea how to go about getting my carta d'identita.  I have emailed the Comune, but their answers are very vague.  It appears that the police will come to inspect my apartment.  From there, I am at a loss.  Will I receive something in the mail which will advise me that I can get the carta d'identita?  At which office do I need to so?  How long can I expect this process to take?

Thanks much for any assistance and/or information.

Hi Jackster,

You have requested the comune to register your presence and add you to the registry of inhabitants. To verify that a municipal police officer (polizia municipale) will pay a visit to your apartment and he/she will make sure its up to the standards requested.

After that, you have to go to the comune again and request the Carta d'identita. It takes less than a hour to issue.You will be needing 3/4 photographs a valid document (passport for example).
It will cost you around 5,42 cents

Anything else?


Thank you for your reply.  I'm beginning to understand (?) they system and procedural order.  I hope!  :)



You are welcome :-)

Regarding the police visit to one's residence when registering residency with the local Comune office, a friend was not home when they came to her apartment and now the Comune wants proof, such as utility bills in her name, that she actually lives where she says she does.  She has just acquired her elective residence permesso di soggiorno but she is renting a "tourist" apartment (and has six months left on her rental contract), so none of the utilities are in her name.  How can she best go about getting this verification that she is actually living where she says she is accomplished?  Will the police consider a return visit to her apartment if so requested? Anyone with other suggestions since she is unable to provide utility bills in her name?

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