what's Life like in Lebanon for black-Africans..job? socialising?

Hello all I'm African from Nigeria I would like to know what is like in Lebanon to live n work there and have friends know people and start a life. . But the problem is I'm Black(African) I've heard of people saying Lebanese people don't like black people and that there is racism .. What's your experience?  What's it like for black people in Lebanon or what have you heard of or seen? Please share Thank you.

Lebanon is not a perfect place to visit

Thank you for your reply. ..I know it's not perfect and I'm not looking for perfect I just want to know what's like for Africans

in any place you'll find good and bad people
it's down to luck not all Lebanese are the same
if your sure about finding a job go for it
if not i suggest you reconsider it
Good luck!

Hello,  the problem is NOT that you are black- we all put our pants on the same way, one leg at a time.  Every country has people who are racist or bigoted, but i feel like it is "more in your face" so to speak while in Lebanon.  For example, in most 1st world countries anyone can go to a hotel beach resort, but in Lebanon, some places will not allow people of African or Asian descent into their pool areas.  Also,  people bring their African/Asian maids EVERYWHERE!  to malls, church, restaurants, friends homes...

No country is perfect as you said, I think your experience will depend on how thick skinned and tolerant you can be :)

I would definitely agree with what Tunisiantwist is saying...the Lebanese can really be "in your face" about their racism.  Most foreign workers that come from Africa, Philippines, India, or Bangladesh have their regular "hangouts" or areas in town where they can socialize on the weekends and buy food from their home countries.  Mostly it depends on what kind of situation you find yourself in.  Some foreign workers have a very nice employer who is fair and decent; others have a terrible situation.  It all depends on who hires you.

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