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Hi all,

Luckily I have got the test date on 11th August for my test. After hearing all sort of stories I am scared and don't wanna take any chance to fail n then wait again for another 4 months..

I am a complete driver (driving car for the last 15 years) but I wanna know your views and experiences about your driving tests here..

What are the dos  and donts  on the test day and what police man is expecting from u during the test.

Please share your personal experiences as it will help a lot of members here riding on the same boat.

Also for those who were failed plz share the reasons so that we can avoid them.

Many thanks


The main thing I took care of were:
- Calmness - be calm and relaxed. The examining officer is just another human being like you and is just doing his job.
- Confidence - show the examining officer that you are confident in the driving seat.
- Customize you test vehicle - adjust all mirrors, your seat, and get a general feel of the car. This will also help you calm your nerves. Take your time with this step. Be reasonable though. As a general guide, you can take about 2 to 3 minutes.
- Follow instructions of the examiner. They are very clear. "Turn left", "turn right", "reverse", etc. If the officer does not say anything, the road signs and road layout should guide you.
- Do not try to be pally and get to comfy with the officer. He is a professional trying to do a job and you dont want to upset him.
- When you have finished and the officer is satisfied, thank the gentleman and ask any further questions you may have

Best wishes Zohaib. You will be alright. Let us know how you get along.

Thanks very much Farhaz.. u r always here to help others.. much appreciated
Surely I will post the outcome

Know and respect the Bahrain traffic laws (speed, changing lanes, etc.)
Get lots of sleep the night before the test
Have a good meal before you check in
Wear your seatbelt the entire time youre in the car
Remain courteous to your test administrator
And definitely DO NOT:

Drive like youre playing Grand Theft Auto
Change lanes without checking and signaling
Exceed the speed limit
Drive distractedly
Break any other Bahrain traffic laws
Follow the traffic laws, drive safely and courte

In addition to the above tips:
- Continuously check your mirrors
- Make sure your reverse parking is perfect where you can park the car in one attempt
- Be friendly with the examiner but not too friendly.
- Smile.
- Follow the rules and use your indicators correctly - particularly at the roundabout.

Always very helpful ... appreciate.

Can you please correct me if I am wrong.
In school roundabout there are 2 rights, 1 straight, 1 left, & 1 double left (u-turn). If he says right from the beginning of the road its mean 1st right. if he says right near to roundabout then 2nd right. otherwise leave both rights(ways) and move to straight, from the most right lane. if Examiner says left then signal (using indicator) for left lane. switch to left left wait for cars in roundabout then move in the inner circle of roundabout (keep left indicator on) just before the entering the left road switch your lane to outside lane (with right indicator) and exit roundabout from outer lane.
same procedure for double left (u-turn) just you have to switch to outer lane infront of left road.
roundabout map:

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