english-speaking high schools

Are there any English-speaking high schools in Brittany?

My kids are 14 and 16, I'm retired and we'd love to move to the Dinan area. They speak a litlle French but not fluent.

Thanks so much!

Hi Lorieroe and welcome on :)
I can't help you with schools but I'll move your topic to Brittany's forum where your topic will have a better visibility.

Thank you so much!
You are in Dubai I see - I am a retired pilot but a few years ago I almost applied to UAE as many of our pilots did go there to work and were very happy. Coulda, shoulda, woulda!

Hi, thinking of the same did you get anywhere with this?

I moved to Dinan when my girls were 12 and 15. Both my children got accepted into the international school in Rennes victor and Helene Basch but u need GCSEs for international bacc and its private and you need to sit exams for English speakers there is an oral and basic French test . Other lycees have int sections but this one is the best.  This is boarding mon -fri
The school they attended in Dinan Les Cordeliers wasn't very helpful at all and made no concessions at all. !!
There is a college in Rennes called Malifleu which is a good international secondary school for your 12 yr old.
I guess moving nearer Rennes might be best. I am back in Dinan inSept if you would like to meet up and I can give you more info.
Good luck with your plans . Feel free to ask me any more questions.

Thank you so much, will look at these.  We've not moved over yet but plan is to do so beginning of year or Easter at latest.  Busy planning everything and speed learning French!!  Trying to get over to meet with schools etc late Sept / Oct so if I can maybe we could contact again then. Thanks :)


Of course that's fine I actually own a chambre d hote in Dinan "moulinfontaine des eaux" I will be back there in October if you need somewhere to stay or feel free to pop in. It's probably easier to chat face to face. Good luck with school shopping it is a bit of a minefield but I have to say both my daughters have done exceptionally well despite me moving them out of uk so don't loose heart !



Thank you so much, will definitely be in touch.  Very encouraging as such a big decision when they've already started high school.



I am leaving near Brest and there is there a High School that has an international section. If we stay my kids might go there. It is not perfect, only 50% of the scholar ship is in English but still better than nothing ;-) and not expensive.

Personally, my two kids went back into french primary school because we are originally French even though we had spend three years in Devon. I bought enough materiel at Waterstones (GCP books and booklets) to complement their French learning with English curriculum at home. Plus, a good VPN on my computer to watch CBBC and all UKTV and ITV. French TV is forbidden at home, I won't recommend to pay the French Tv box except if you want to learn French. I also found a website, not free but worth it to include into every day lessons to make them fun.

Hope you can find what you are searching and that your moving will be as good as mine. We arrived from Plymouth three weeks ago. If by any means you need more help please feel free to ask.

Good Luck,

bye for now,

Thanks Myriam that's really helpful.

Hi Myriam, I hope you don't mind me contacting you but  maybe you can give me some advice as you live near Brest! I've qualified in teaching English as a foreign language and I was wondering if there are any language schools I could apply to in this area? Im moving from Ireland and I would be so grateful if you could advise me..thanks alot..Jacqui😊

No problem Jacky  :)

There is a lot of schools you can apply it depends of what you want to do.

If you prefer having grown up students in a institutional way of teaching like in a classroom, you can just apply to any Foreign Language school there like

English Apart
English language school in Brest, France
Address: 8 Rue Jean le Gall, 29200 Brest, France
Phone: +33 2 98 43 07 20

Type "école de langues Brest" in Google to find them.

Or if you prefer you may do something more independent. It is possible to put an add into a tutor website / or send a small mailing add in primary school which can pay you for after school club animated all in English. My children school hired a Welsh rugby coach this year that teaches rugby to the kids in English.
As Irish, your accent is good and any school and any parents would die to have you. You can also start a small after school club at your home as well (being paid in 'cheque emploi service' is a good practise then; it gives you social benefit and retirment incomes). If you are more attracted with this option you may contact the Chambre de Commerce et d'industrie CCI in Brest, they will help you and guide you with your project.

One thing you must do when you get there is to register into the national employment agency as 'demandeur d'emploi', they may just have a job for you right now. or search  apec brest or pole emploi brest

Hope that'll help.

Bye and feel free to come around. My husband work in Ecole Navale and is a good friend of the English teacher there who happens to be also Irish. She may be able to help you at first, so if you send me your mail I can direct it to her.
Bye for now


I'm just seeing your message here now Myriam! I'll read through it now😊 thank you so much😊

Thank you so much for all this helpful information Myriam! I'm lost for words! .. that's amazing your husband knows an irish teacher!!😁 if you would give her my email yet again I would be so grateful. jacquikilmartin1[at] .my qualification is  an internationally recognised Celta and I've had teaching practice with mature students who were so eager to learn! Teaching children is no problem as I have a 9 year old daughter!😊 I could visit Brest anytime soon if the opportunity arises so here's hoping I have a bit of irish luck!!☘☘☺😁

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