looking for ukrainian, russian, polish, or english speaking people

anybody here speaking one of these languages?

Hi Raad_dowais,

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Hello friend,
I speak Russian language professionally even better than regular Russian peupol))

zdravstvuyte moy drug,
ya govoryou porussky  professionalno  :top:  , daje luche chem obychinkh russkikh ludey, , I  budu  rad znakomstvu s vami :cheers:

this is Anwar from Pakistan by profession Mechanical Engineer.
you may contact on me on my mobile no 0591313411.

have a nice day


I'm looking for female friends from Ukraine Poland or Russia in Dammam and Al Khobar


I do speak, I'm from al khobar.

Hello Ola_ola,

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Thank you

Hi? I am ukrainian, will be glad to hear from you. cell: *****, Roman

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I speak Polish

hello hope you are well on here          kakdela

how are you doing?

Hi guys, would also like to find some exUSSR contacts in Dammam area, if any :)  I am Russian and it feels that I am the only one in this part of the country :) Let me know if you are up to some socialising.

How are you
I know Russian language

Do u speak Russian

Da, konyeshna
Ya magu gavarit po russki

I can

Drkahn4u :

Da, konyeshna
Ya magu gavarit po russki

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I do speak English. Obviously, I write in English. Lol

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