Thai expats in Jakarta?

Hi, I am a Thai expat wife, American husband with 2 kids moving to Jakarta in August 2014.   Hope to find friends to shop for food and informal cooking fun.   Any other Thai wives in Jakarta?   How to contact you?  Lets connect na ka.  :)

I shall also be moving in to Jakarta in 2 months down the line.
I have few local friends and colleagues at my office who can be help to both of us.
If interested please write to me at raj_ilu[at]

Are you from Thailand?

No, I am from India.

Im going to live in Jakarta next month about 25th too.
It would be nice for getting to know friend from Thailand.
I am also Thai and now living in UK. Nice to meet you ka.

I am not a Thai but I love Thai food. Would love to join the group and learn some Thai recipes with you guys :)
I could teach you some Indonesian food recipes in return.
I'm flying from Germany end of the month and staying for a couple of months. Let me know!


Hi ka,

I will be moving to Jakarta this coming September. I'm Thai. Can we be friends ka?

Sawadee krub. I am moving to Jarkata around Oct 15.
Would be nice if i have more Thai friend.



me too. I'll be moving to Jakarta after my marriage. We can meet up and create a little community there.

PM me your whatapp so we connect!

I don't know how to post in PM.

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Im also Thai ka living in Jakarta. My husband is Australian.
Would love to have more friends. How do we connect?



For those who replied above, shall we catch up in Jakarta ka?

Hi how can we connect.
Maybe email? I'm also Thai ka.

Sa was dee ka
Are you still leaving in Jakarta?
I'm moving to BSD next month.
Hope to see you all there.


As this is an old thread, I would request you to either contact the members in private or create a new topic on the Jakarta forum.

Best of luck. :)


Sarvesh team

Hi I am helping my thai girlfriend to get into contact to other experienced thais living in indonesia. I hope you all can help and be friend with her : ). Please contact me through my email ***

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