shoud i move from dubai to rak

should I move from dubai to rak, if need peace and quite and do not mind the drive back and forth....and is the driveing rreally that bad? anvitharupali. ...

Hope ur doing  well. ...actually  this msg is just to suggest  u with my own experience. ..
I like dubai  because it's a good place  to  earn money  and enjoy  ..and I love Rak because  it's a quite place with full of peace  and relaxation and wat ever u earn in Rak am sure u will be satisfied but in dubai  if u earn more also  u can't  manage  cost  of  living  is more there and rak cost if living  is decision  is urs ...hope u will take a good decision. ....please  don't  mind if I speak  something   wrong  ....

Thank  you  ....

Kpsmiling  always

HI Cules, can you handle the 1 hour drive to Dubai everyday? And significantly more during peak hours. If you live around the RAK outskirts (Al Hamra, Mina al Arab, Marjan Island)  it is closer to Dubai than living in RAK city by 20 minutes.
My husband drives to Dubai ( JLT area) and it takes him more than an hour. But he does that on average 2 times a week only and during non-rush hour times. I think if he did it every day he will not last a month.
The good thing about RAK is there are several ways to get here from Dubai. So you can avoid the most congested route if you check googlemaps or waze before you set off.
However saying that, my husband and I refuse to move back to Dubai. We are loving it here in RAK. We live in an apartment in Al Hamra Village and it feels like a holiday.
P.S. the roads are good... but the driving attitude of people aren't. I'm sure you know what I mean.

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