moroccan wants to marry with a girl from cyprus

Hello everyone, I am a Moroccan citizen in a relationship with a girl from cyprus. We are planning to get engaged in, and would like to know how can we do that,,, the problem is that there is no embassy or conculate or offic here in morocco, and the embassy is in france but i can't get a visa to do it there.....  We have been in a relationship for about two years .... i was thinking to go to north cyprus then get to the south part but i don't know if that will work...
i wonder if it will work with an other embassy like the uk embassy in morocco? Thanks in advance

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as what I know If you entered the North cyprus first you won't be able to enter the south(conflicts between the sides) only the natives can cross freely.
but you can try with the greece embassy they'll give you help how to get a visa to Nicosia.

If you enter the country from North part and if you don't hold an EU visa-free access passport, you cannot pass to South part. If you want to move freely in the whole country (both sides), you should enter the country from Larnaca Airport. In this case you will need a Cyprus visa that can be given by Cyprus Embassies or Authorized Greek Embassies abroad.

Marry her and then come to Cyprus with her. As long as she travels with you. No problem. No Visa.
You will be excercising your EU treaty rights as Non EU spouse.

hello Patrick, so this is just for cyprus or for all EU committee members ?

Well the main problem here is marrying somewhere else or in Morocco. As i think he wants to marry her in Cyprus not in Morocco or somewhere else so for this he has to come to Cyprus first. However if he marries her in another country or in Morocco, visa will be easy for him to get.

So elaamrami i suggest you to meet her in another country and marry her there then you can apply for visa or permenant residence. However you should be careful during interview proccess because if one of the interviewers think that your marriage is fake, you will never be able to get visa for Cyprus. So you need to get married and prove that it is a real marriage.

It works usually the same in every country but some steps can differ from country to country.

For all european country the rule is same, when you will marry with an European national and travel with EU national,  according to the EU law, no visa will be necesary.

if you need more infromation please tell me and i will sent you EU law.

Best of luck

in most EU member states-  the state in which you are entering always retains the right to ask more questions if they deem it necessary... and that may include proof of a durable long term relationship  - any sniff of a a sham or fake marriage to gain entry will set the alarm bells off

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hello for all... I have a problem and its very big.i have a relationship with Moroccan girl exactly in casablanca.I need your help...Thanks

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