Everyday life in Belize

Thanks to all your posts. They are very helpful and appreciated

We are preparing for our third trip to Belize. We stayed in Placincia for a while and were treated very well and made a lot of friends there. We explored the coast line visiting all the small towns and had a wonderful time. After Thanksgiving we leave for Consejo for a month and can wait. Nicest people in the world in Belize.

Reading some of the comments was like reading Facebook, and if you've ever seen some of what goes on there you'll get my point. Personally, I take in all opinions and experiences shared by those that wish to do so. There is no paradise on earth but, everyone has the right to search for the closest thing they can find to it. That does differ for everyone. The bright side of life is, if one doesn't like where they live, they can change it.

I just came across this link to the on line (PDF) version of The Placencia Breeze a nice monthly publication about happenings, news and events on the peninsula. Names, email address and local phone numbers of  many business including rentals.

Just click the red link for each month to see the full publication.
Please have a look for tons of great information.


Cheap is so subjective so any chance you will clarify what is meant in dollars for housing, food, utilities, professional services?

WOW, sounds angry.

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