Expact Who speak English


This is haris, moved to sofia for a project for about 3 months. Looking for some company. I dont speak the local language so it is very difficult to move around.

Making some friends, hanging out. Please reply back.


Hello harry321  :cheers:

I suggest you to participate on threads on our Networking Sofia section forum to find other expats looking for friends too.


Hi harris how are you?How you feel in Sofia?

I am good. Its a good city, i like it, but would be better if you have more friends :), your from sofia? how about a coffee or something?

I am from Plovdiv (Moderated: no free ad on the forum pls)

slam me in blgovgrad,bulgaria

hi there

my closed friend sarah from pakistan and willing to come to bulgaria
anyone already in bulgaria can guide some whats requirments to get high chances of bulgaria visa?
she currently living in karachi pakistan

How long you staying here

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