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Has anyone shipped a substantial amount of household goods from the US to Kenya? I have a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment's worth of things that I'm considering shipping from Houston to Nairobi (i.e. beds, couches, full kitchen excluding major appliances, tables, etc). Relocation is a benefit included by my company, but I'm curious as to how the survey, packing, shipping, clearing customs, etc process is like and how long it takes.

My question exactly also! but i am moving from Mombasa to Houston. Anyone out there can give some advice on how to move household furniture between continents?

Hi Fwhite2014,

I am Cyn.

I am a tax advisor by profession and can assist you on the Customs laws in Kenya. It all depends on whether you are a returning resident or simply changing residence. Please clarify which of the two then I can let you know what benefits you have as far as Customs clearance of household and personal effects is concerned.

Glad to assist.


I dont think it matters. There are many dependable shipping companies off of the west coast and they pack your things and deliver them when you get to the other side no questions asked. I'm currently shipping a few household items and the shipping company deals with everything even the taxes are included in the overall fee. Please dont get duped! So many people here tryna make a quick buck  and will telly you all kinda things.  The companies i know are Kenyan owned and based off of Baltimore and the other in Boston. They have a big truck so they will come and pick up. If you want i can give you the number you discuss logistics with them. Otherwise be very careful

Point is everything can be paid off while in the US....


For those coming to Kenya, it is good to be aware of what their rights are as increasingly Customs are making people pay taxes that they should not.

My advice was also based on an issue that was raised by somebody else this week that changed residence and was being made to pay taxes for items that ideally should be imported duty free. I was just assisting and at no charge. Customs is what I do as an advisor at a reputable firm and I have seen people being asked to pay taxes when they should not pay any. The law allows for duty free importation of household effects based on specific conditions.



I also agree that all people changing residence need to be careful as to what and who they deal with.


So true! But nice of you to offer advice for free. Not many people would do that!

Thanks DCtoNBO,

I happen to have a number of expat friends and I have seen them go through hell sometimes. Hence I choose to help......


I have just recieved my shipment from India through mombasa port. I advice you to book local agent to clear yr goods in nairobi as you can hold them for any theft. Many incidents of theft occurs of goods Transit from mombasa to nairobi. I lost a personal computer and much of my furniture was damaged bciz of mishandling. But let me tell you nairobi is extremely expensive for buying house hold. If you have bring it.damages could be repaired. Make your goods paperwork strong and insured.

Hi, i am moving from mombasa to Houston, please could you assist me with the numbers of those companies? I have some indian antique furniture that i want to transort to the states

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'I advice you to book local agent to clear yr goods in nairobi'

This is not must have a clearing agent in Kenya, you cannot clear goods without one.  Most shipping companies already have a clearing agent, so you do not have to search for one.

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