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I am a native French speaker, I lived in Manchester for 3 years, 15 years ago.

I had been living in Paris and recently move to Brittany, in Morlaix. I am seeking a language exchange with native English speakers in the town of Morlaix in order to improve my English speaking and I can also give some tips in French.

I am a non-fiction writer, interested in stereotypes, human-animal relationship, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc

Please, get in touch with me if you are interested to have a chat- would love to hear from you too !

Hello Soylentgreen and welcome on board :)

I suggest you place an advert in our section Language classes in Brittany so as to increase your chance to find a partner to help you out.


thank you, Kenjee ! I will

Hi, my name is Angelique, I am an English Native speaker and qualified English teacher. I will be moving to Morlaix in the beginning of August.  I have no knowledge of French so you would be a great help and I could give English lessons in exchange. :)
i plan to work on a farm just outside of Morlaix until such a time I get a teaching position.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Hello Angelique
Bonjour Angelique,

Very happy to hear from you !
I will be in Morlaix for the first of September (still In Paris at this moment)
I am very intrigued and I look forward to hearing from you about your choice to work in a farm

do not hesitate to contact me
seen you soon in Morlaix in front of a cup of tea.. or coffee for a chat

have a nice day

Hi Virginie,

Nice to hear from you too.  Well my idea of working on a farm is just to get some money together to set myself up for persuing my teaching career.  I thought a little hard labour would do me good too :)
Look forward to meeting up with you in September...will send you an email.  In the meantime...enjoy.

Hi everyone,

My name is Trang and I am very new in Morlaix. Just arrived here one month ago and I hope to get to know people in here. I am Vietnamese, I can speak English and a little French so I hope we can discuss more and more...

Looking forward to hearing you soon :-)

Hello Trang,

Hope to meet you in Morlaix  !

here is my email contact if you want to keep in touch with me :

info in MP, thanks

see  you soon

Hi Virgnie,

I am very happy to receive your email, it would be very nice to meet you in Morlaix.

I couldn't see your contact ( email address in your last post) so I write to you here, hope you can receive well.

Nice weekend and looking forward to hear you soon.


Hi Trang, I'm Angelique.  I am hoping to be in Morlaix around the 8th of August.  Would be nice to meet up with both you and Virginie.  I have been in touch with him and am hoping to meet him in Morlaix too.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Angie xx

see you, both of you, in Morlaix !
beginning of September

ps : Trang, Angie has my email contact

Oui, see you soon -)

Hi, I know this is s very old post, but its worth asking if you are still in Morlaix and still seeking a language exchange?




It's very nive to receive your reply.
Yes, I still live in Morlaix.
Actually, I have started to learn English before coming in France. In the way to learning French, I didn't have much chance to practice  English oftenly.  And also, I got  a problem by mixing between two languages.
I hope  I could meet someone who have the same interest. Looking to hearing you soon.



I am in Morlaix at the moment until November 6th. So there is a possibility to meet and talk. Though I am not sure if French is your first language, mine is English and I speak Portuguese also.



Hi Paul,

Of course, there is always a possibility :-)  so pls tell me when you are available for meeting.
Btw, French is not my first laguage, but I think I could able to comunicate correctly.



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