I want a Job at Re-Union Island


I am Mrityunjoy Chakraborty  from Kolkata , India . I am Electrical Engineer . I want a Job at Re-Union Island .

Can any body help me ?

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Hi Mrityunjoy,

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I moved your post to the Reunion Island forum for better interaction with the other members.

What kind of job are you looking for?
To help you in your job search, I suggest you to also an ad in the Reunion Jobs section.


Expat.com Team

(sorry i won't write your name!!)

so you're an electrical engineer!! do you mind telling us where an electrical engineer works?
why do you want to work here? Reunion is such a small island .....moreover it 's french!!

by the way why did you write reunion in 2 words? this is weird!!


Beside Electrical I want to study on Volcano .

Main reason is that . sorry for the  error in writing Reunion.

you'll find everything about volcanoes here... the city of volcano has just opened its doors!!


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