..little questions..

Hello everyone.
This is the first post that ipublic .. About me: I am Simona and i'm one Italian with the desire to come to Beirut. ;)
Really, me know very small of this City, and I wish you gave me a hand 4 und weel how work there...
I want knok about people, job (if is difficult find it), public transports, short, everything a little ;)
Me...i don't speak arab...but only french and english (english not so well eheh)..that will be a problem??!!
I think to be there in October...but only like visitor...and then i decide what to do.
Thanks to all who respond me :D

look it all depends on wat you are waiting from your comming to beirut.
what's your field of work?

Hi!tnk u for ur reply.. i only think to come like visitor..bcs i want see well the city and all first, before move i must search a, in Italy, my studies allow me to work a a social camp...there dono..i want to take a certification 4 teach my language..but dono..moreover i don't speak arab, but only english and frech..
Not want the moon, but only one work that allow me to live..eheh! ;)

i wish u lots of luck
believe me is very hard
i been there i saw beirut it was a great experience and i m searching from long time now a job there

mmmh this is not very reassuring!!! .... :/

i m sorry i dont want to scare u maybe u are more lucky then me
but anyhow lots of luck and really i wish u a nice time is a great country and i have fun there

but now u work there?u found that?

no i didn't find anything
i came back to romania anyhow i have a great vacation so at least i didn't have only bad experiences

oooh...i'm sorry for that...But u are graduate? U speak arab?
..but really, really, reallt u not anything? assistent, bartender...dono.. :(
I hope to be luck...

send me an email - wdonovan[at] or check me out at (moderated: no ads) might be able to answer some of your questions


sorry i didn't check the forums.

to tell you he truth, your field of work is not really motivating to find a job in beirut.

but if you were working with science and technology i can motivate you to come while you are not talking arabic.

yo are girl , and italien, so many people will try to take advantage of that. be carreful and don't trust people easely . ok?

i'm a guy , and i tell to not trust guys easely (lebanese) and all nationalities also . because your position is weak once you come to beirut , you don't have any security to find a job, so you might stay unemployed many monthes.

what i can propose to you is (if you know how to work that) to work in a night club as bartender , here i this you have the opportunity to use your beuty and your europeene origin. people here likes a lote the occidental and try to approach them or to imitate them as they are ideal.

i can propose to you also a work in a fancy hotel, where here you will be using languages as italien and french and english , to be employed you must have a beautiful look  and a good contact with clients.

about salary it's very various as in italy , you can earn from 2 to 10 euros in hour depending on the impotance of the job you are doing . and how much you will be UNREPLACABLE by anothe employee.

finally as my personal opinion i advice you as european to not come to lebanon in these conditions, but to go to france/ england/swiss/belgium . because you can stay and search a job there without having a VISA ! in the same time if you have any financial problem you can ust take a ticket from skyeuope or ryainair and come back to your family home.

cio seniorina a plutardé

hi!!tnk u 4 the reply!
Nice to meet u!r u still in Beirut now?!?!?
so..u tell me is dangerous come there???
Honestly, ther, i know one libanes...i'm not "lonely"...but don't know!
tell e more!i wait ur reply...tnk u!!!
Hola!!! :)


yes i'm still in beirut.

i think you must try, because if you don't try you will always say that : "if i tried maybe it could have worked "

as i told , i advice you to be aware and open eyes, think about yourself first ...

in this brutal life we must think little bit selfish , i immagine that if you come to lebanon because of your boyfriend who is lebanese ... i can tell you that it could be a good adventure or a bad one, Nobody know unless you try by your self. Concentrate on your personal interrests , and think that : "if one day i will be separated from my boyfriend , do i have lost many thinks ?"

if your response is "yes" so don't come, but if you judge that your response will be "no" , then come and in all casesyou will be winner and at least you will earn a good experience and have good time near him , in the same time you will not loose a tresure in comming if you will be working here.

come with some money because life here is expensive unless your boyfriend isn't rich .

because "being poor" is the enemy of love ;)

Hello Simona,

Living in Beirut is very expensive nowdays! Especially downtown. So before you come, I think you need to get a job and accommodation for support. If you intend to come down for a tour, then you have to be financially qualified for that. Its very hard to find a job here. I am lebanese myself with an MA in psychology and I barely found a job! I work in Helem organization (LGBT rights organization in Beirut)and its really not my specialty!! So, make sure you have enough money to come here and try to find a job ASAP if your'e planning on living there!
I'm sure you'll love it here.

Best wishes,

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