Temporary Resdidencia - first steps!

According to the news the amount of snow you are expecting increased.

You are even making the headlines on BBC.
Comical what a difference in a foot of snow means when
you compare it with Northern Ontario.
Yes, I know we are used to it, but it's not the
first time it snowed in the NE USA.

Currently about 15 inches here and still snowing heavily.

Yes Tomas when we lived in the mountains west of Denver we would consider this a nice snow fall and everything would function pretty normally (except maybe mass transit in Denver proper).  Here in the NYC area things are at a standstill and all roads are now considered closed.  Kind of fun and funny at the same time.  But looking forward to sun and warm temps on Tuesday!

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WE should let this thread get back on point and I will post later in a new thread.

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Good plan.

I was told by an immigration official when going through this process, that if I do not apply for residency during that 60 day period, I would have to apply for the visa- at the consulate in my home country and pay the costs again to do so- and re-enter again with the same 60 day limit. I closely followed instructions from immigration and completed everything per instruction, and got my residency 4 months after applying- without a lawyer.

That is great! I am in process of getting our birth certificates and marriage lic Aposilled and translated....I'm not sure what I'm paying a lawyer for it looks like I'll be doing everything myself. Maybe if he signs a letter of guarantee for us to move there that will be worth it since I don't know anyone else there except our realtor

Great update info.

A lawyer can be very helpful once you are here!

Back in April of last yearI went down to start the process of regularization or what ever it was called, then I went to Tennessee as my brother was dying. I didn't get back until August.  Someones locally told me that my name had been on some published list saying a card of some sort was waiting for me to pick it up. DO you know anything about any such list? Where to find it? is it too late to pick up whatever it was?
Thanks Dingo EL Gringo

I believe you go to the immigration office.

Yes the  immigration office in Santo Domingo

Bob K

That was the special process - dluble check as I believe it was the closest immigration office.

Can someone please help me to clear up some confusion when traveling while wait to receive the temporary residency visa?  We turned in all the paperwork and received a document stating such on December 28, 2015.  I had to travel on busy February 14.  The last time that I had entered the country (while my NM1 visa was still valid) was October 23, 2015.  When I left the country, they charged me 2,500 DOP.  The official said that the signed and sealed document that I had was not sufficient enough to indicate that I was in process.  I was under the impression that I could travel without being penalized the overstay fees.  Anyone know anything about all this?  I've been told that I should have my temporary residency sometime in March.  THANKS!

He probably put the 2500 on his pocket.

That document should be sufficient! Next time ask for a manager or supervisor if they try to charge you again!

The sad thing is:  She WAS the manager on duty that day.  One would think that the Dirección General de Migración would have a system that shows all of those individuals in process.  Gotta love the inefficiency in this country sometimes!!!

A system...... wow you are asking for the world. But that would be logical,......

Quite often "logical" does not happen here.
Get used to it & don't argue.

So true!

Almost a year ago I did step one of the so called regularization process.  Then I went to Tennessee and accompanied my brother he died who was in hospice care and returned in August.  The way I understood the program at that time was that it had to be completed before the end of June, and since I was not even here in that time period I assumed that I had forfeited my right to use that program, but less than a month ago a friend of mine here told me she remembered seeing my name on a list of people which was a list to come in and get a sticker in my passport. It expires 7-27-17 and says something about renewal.  So do I still have to go thru the process of having 7 witnesses testify that I am a good guy and show my bank account? I asked the man who stuck it into my passport.  He said that no I did not, that that was it!  So if I leave the country do I show this sticker and  not have to pay the exit fee? Am I now driving legally on my Tennessee license? And how do I renew it? Does anyone here know these things?

Too complicated for.most of us, you need to ask a lawyer these questions.

Well, it's official.  We received our RT-3 Temporary Visas today, almost three months to the date after our medical tests.  They told us, in fact, that it would be about three months.  We arrived at 8am and after photos, fingerprints, the issuing of our ID cards, and signing the register, we were out by 10am.  It was a gloriously uneventful day at Migración, a first for me.  Happy Easter!!!

Congrats on a job well done!

Bob K

Thanks, Bob.  It's nice to have this out of the way!

Can you refer any particular lawyers in Santo Domingo. Would be nice if they are affordable. Thanks...

Absolutely. Wilson Rood wilsonrood[at] he is good and well priced!

Great, thank you much!

You are very welcome!

Can you advise if there is a different process for residence visa and work permits for someone coming in to a job, I.e. company sponsorship?

You can do the process of a work visa!  The requirements are a bit different then the list above.  Your company must be willing to sponsor you and their office here will likely know the process!  Let us know if you need help,  I can recommend a lawyer in Santo Domingo to assist you.

I will not need to work. Work visa still necessary? I simply want to move there (retired) and enjoy a different life. Of its doesn't work out - I'll move back to Los Angeles.

You do not need a work visa!

A couple things about this- I recognize its an old thread but I'll share some experience.
In this country, people expect to be "tipped" for normal standard service. Especially in government positions. I'll do a thread about the 6 full 10 hour days I spent bringing in a sea container full of donations in the name of the Catholic Church. Bottom line, as a government official myself, I would never ask, accept or give a tip to or from anyone in a position of authority. That's why it cost me 6 days 10 hours each day. They gave me the run around until I jumped through enough hoops to get the point. I'll never do it solo again. I hire an "agent" to bring in all of my containers now. They're specialist that know the right people and tip a little here and there but it removes me from the moral obligation. Puerta de Haina. I've heard that obtaining residency is worthless and that obtaining a work visa, which is relatively new is much better. Ideas or thoughts on that?

Exactly, using the right people here is critical. It applies to imports, real estate residencia etc etc!!!!

Hi all. I wrope recently on someone elses about residency here. Basically I would like to apply via a sponsorship but visit the DR monthly but I am still working in the UK. I was told that sponsorships for visas dont apply anymore and there is no mention of this on the Dominican embassy website either - does anyone has any recommendations for lawyers? The embassy here charge £160 per document to be translated and I dont want to spend all that money as well as medicals and the application just to be denied.

I love the DR and dream of making it my home legally. I wish I had started this process back in 2008!

Thanks :0 Mike

Let me see if I can find out.

From the lawyers -  sponsorship is no longer required - you will need to purchase the "insurance policy"  instead.

However you still need a "letter of invitation" to get your  visa in order to come and apply for residencia.

Thanks for that. I'll speak again with my lawyer :-) it's so exciting the thought I could get residency in such a fab place!

Hi, is that procedure any different/simplified when your married with a Dominican?

You still have to go thru the steps and then you can go on to citizenship. Contact Wilson Rood at wilsonrood[at] for help. He is in the capital, speaks a native and is well priced.

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