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I'm interested in moving to Panama to teach English as a foreign language. Does anyone on here already do this? I'd be moving over with my partner and child. I'm 30 and currently studying a degree having decided to leave my job as a manager of a gym.
Can anyone help?
I can get by with my Spanish and hope to become more fluent.

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While waiting for members who done the move to help you out, I suggest you to place an advert in our section Teaching jobs in Panama to increase your chances of finding that job you are looking for.



You will not be able to survive here teaching English for your only income. Panama is FULL of English speaking people with the Americans being here for over 100 years....I have a friend who is fluent in English and has worked at over 10 places teaching English and has never made more than $600-$800 per month.... Wealthy locals send their kids to English speaking schools and pay $500-$1200 per month per child to do so. The poor people can only afford to pay you a dollar a day and a chicken a month....

You will not get hired in Panama.  Not even to teach English.
My fiance' is completely bi-lingual, he had teaching experience.
He could not get a job teaching English that paid even $500 cash.
He would also be required to pay $500 for a one year work permit.
There are laws in Panama which require hiring 10 Panamanians
for every foreigner.  So they do not hire foreigners.  Because putting
10 Panamanians in jobs, they would only produce as much as two
foreigners.  If you want to teach English, they are many reputable
countries in Japan, they pay about 230,000 to 250,000 yen per
month, about $2,000 to $2,200, before 10% taxes & other
expenses.  You will never make that money in Panama, not as a
teacher, not as an engineer.  Don't do it.

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